Saturday, February 7, 2015


BJ3: A definite MUST read. Someone threw down a blink gauntlet...

BJ3: In case you miss it, here’s the threat....another version.

From: UnfilteredNews...US: Jeh Johnson, head of the Department of Homeland Security, told Congress that, if they try to defund Obama’s immigration, the DHS will withhold grants that it distributes to state, local, and tribal governments, law enforcement, and fire departments.
[Johnson sent letters to sheriffs and police departments across the country communicating this threat to drum up support for Obama's amnesty policy. The deadline to approve DHS funding is February 27th.] Daily Caller 2015 Feb 4 (Cached)

BJ3: Yesiree.

BJ3: Is it possible for another Pope change to be done? I mean once they’ve done it once.....why not again?

Pope decries 'inhuman' conditions for illegals at border   (Associated Press) He encourages citizens there to welcome them ...

BJ3: In bed with their NWO cohorts.
From: Sher...WHERE ARE THE REPUBLICANS???...From: "John Rolls" It’s Happening! Fed Gov't Taking Over The Internet Alternative
bill in Congress and broadband providers to sue in the coming months

BJ3: We don’t know. And a main reason why a solid, unshakable definition of NBC is needed NOW.  But even if that definition were “born of one citizen parent no matter where”, there is still no valid, rightly-certified proof of BHO’s bio mom, especially if Alex is right and the two birth data images are forgeries (or a we say invalid and not-rightly-certified).
An oldie from Alex’s all null and void

BJ3: More...this from Sharon Rondeau. Aside from other things, Williams said “...You’re an American Born Christian”.  Really, well how did he know that? Got valid, rightly-certified proof? Nope.

From: GulagBound...CONGRATS, TEXAS! Valerie Jarrett Working Behind the Scenes to Cede Your State to Mexico
BJ3: As we’ve been repeatedly telling CAPS, numbersusa, etc., about such as the below, all they need do is to PUBLICLY demand BHO’s own, actual, at birth, valid, rightly-certified original Hawaiian Birth certificate DOCUMENT, specifically the one and only one that he personally acknowledged by saying that he had it sealed and vaulted, as proof of his eligible authority to do this...From: CAPS
Workers at Southern California Edison are justifiably “beyond furious” at being

replaced with H-1B workers!    Take Action
Southern California Edison (SCE) is laying off hundreds of American tech workers and replacing them with H-1B visa holders from India. To add insult to injury, some employees are required to train their own replacements.   Tell your congressional representative to investigate this abuse!
Please click "take action" below or copy and paste the url into your web browser to send a message to your representative:

Two-thirds of Americans live in "Constitution-free border zones" where government can deny citizens' rights     (NaturalNews) The Obama Administration's decision to evoke "prosecutorial discretion" and not deport or otherwise detain people who are in the United States illegally -- and allow them to continue moving away from border regions to the interior of the...

From: UnfilteredNews...Obama is asking Congress for $1 billion to send to the governments of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, on the theory that this will fix the problem of illegal immigration into the US from those countries. AP 2015 Feb 2 (Cached
BJ3: And yet another suit-city?
From: Sher...So, will they now pass a law saying "paying tax bills with tightly folded $1.00 bill notes is illegal and will automatically require immediate incarceration?"...From: "doug walk" 
(He was waiting for his receipt to be “folded” up)
Texas man arrested after attempt to pay taxes with tightly folded dollar bills | Fox News

BJ3: As we’ve already experienced in trying to buy certain products at Trader Joe’s, which they said was due to “port congestion”.

From: Sher...Another day...another Obama Criminal...From: "John Rolls"
From: Sher...If they're not physically removed from their offices and placed in cuffs, all too many of us will be imprisoned...or dead.
From: Charlite...Advancing Islam & Sharia into America: Mosques as Territorial Markers

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