Thursday, November 6, 2014


Correction: Hickey Seeking Leadership Vote TOMORROW

After sending out today’s Silver State Confidential, it was brought to my attention that Minority Leader Who Would Be Speaker Pat “The Appeaser” Hickey will not be seeking an early leadership election in a teleconference tonight, but has scheduled a caucus meeting in Las Vegas for tomorrow night – a full week before the election was originally scheduled.

In a letter to caucus members, Hickey writes…

“After decades of being in the Minority Party in the Nevada Assembly, we now must prepare for our new status as a ‘governing party.’  With this challenge comes the immediate responsibility of organizing and selecting LCB staff, office arrangements, the orientation of a large class of freshman legislators, and the critical training of new Committee Chair and Vice Chair positions. 

To this end, I am moving the planned Caucus meeting scheduled for Nov. 15th, to tomorrow, Nov. 7th in Las Vegas @ 5:30 PM.

“The purpose of this meeting will be to select an Assembly Majority Leader [Speaker Designate] and Majority Floor Leader for the purposes of beginning organizational plans for the 78th Session. Following a vote on Caucus leadership, there will be discussion about the appointment of Speaker Pro Tempe, the Majority Whips and the selection of Session Committee Chairs and Vice Chair positions.”

It is quite clear that Hickey is desperately trying to get himself elected leader again quickly before the conservatives and freshmen can coalesce behind a challenge from Assemblyman Ira Hansen.

He and his underlings are also using a combination of carrots and not-so-subtle sticks to whip undecideds behind him.  There’s also a rumor that the meeting is being held in Vegas because Gov. Brian Sandoval will be here and likely will make a personal appeal at the meeting for everyone to get behind Hickey.

And knowing Republicans, enough of them will fall for it.



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