Thursday, November 6, 2014

ACTIVIST POST 11/06/2014


States Flex Muscles, Assert Sovereignty in Midterm Elections

Honeypot? Federal agents helped launch and run Silk Road 2.0

US: 'Stop ISIS By Attacking Assad's Oil Pipelines!'
West Re-Arms Nusra - Mainstream Media Continues Coverup

Study Finally Admits Why You Are Disoriented Long After Surgery

The SFMTA: Implementors of the Failed "Plan Bay Area" (Local Agenda 21)

Republicans, Democrats: Who Cares? America as a Single Party State

Election Results: “What’s Going To Change Is Only Who Is Going To Screw You — Not Whether You’ll Get Screwed”

What Actual Street Harassment Looks Like
Carey Wedler

New Must-See Videos

The SFMTA: Implementors of the Failed "Plan Bay Area" (Local Agenda 21)

Eminent Domain Abuse and Corruption: Because...Money!

The Hidden Dangers of Bitcoin

What Actual Street Harassment Looks Like


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British intelligence agencies spying on lawyers in sensitive security cases

99 Healthy Meals and Snacks For People Who Can't Cook

Spain arrests 10 for 'terrorist' Twitter, Facebook posts

Your Daily Purchases: The Most Important GMO Vote

Feds Seize Silk Road 2 In Major Dark Web Drug Bust

Lockheed Martin expects usable fusion power within a decade

Former NSA lawyer: the cyberwar is between tech firms and the US government

The Space Powered Generator – Free Energy?

British intelligence spies on lawyer-client communications, govt admits

Cockroach Biobots Equipped with Microphones to Track Sound

Obama to seek new war powers from Congress

Voters Ban Fracking In Texas, California, And Ohio

Free Staters Win 'At Least' 15 Seats in NH State House; Libertarian Leaners Win
Many More

Is DoD Censoring Independent Media?

The Establishment Shadow Government is SPECTRE

US Mint Sells Out Of Silver Eagles Following "Tremendous" Demand

UK Treasury to seek advice from bitcoin community

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