Saturday, September 20, 2014


1. Fear of a Caliphate – ISIS Wins Again
Andrew Levine

2. Military Revolt–DC Whispers: West Wing Livid Over Military Revolt
 DW Ulsterman

3. Real Threats
Mike Swetnam

4. America As We Know It No Longer Exists
Howard Galganov

5. Monetary Policy Killing the System
Jim Willie


7. The Blatant Lie That The Deficit Is Declining
Monty Pelerin

8. Obama’s Real Crime
C. Edmund Wright

9. Is Obama Winning His Game?
Lies, Chaos & Distraction Are His Transformation Strategies
Dr. Laurie Roth

10. Making of an Anti-American President
Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. / Ret. Army Colonel


11. Karen Hudes: Underground Bunkers, Scorched Earth & The ‘Eradication’ Of Humanity

Live Free Or Die


12. Globalists Are Building Hell On Earth
Alex Jones Video


13. “This Sent Chills Up My Spine” 
Dave Hodges On Hagmann And Hagmann
Susan Duclos


14. A Widespread Power Failure Plus An Ebola Outbreak
Would Become America’s Extinction Level Event
Dave Hodges

15. Scientific Evidence Proves Ebola Is Airborne &
Our Liberian Bound Troops Are Walking Into a Death Trap
Dave Hodges

16. Medical Martial Law Declared in Sierra Leone;
Ebola Victims Hunted Like Fugitives in House-to-House Searches
Mike Adams

17. New Alliance From Hell: Boko Haram & ISIS 
African Jihadists Uniting With Middle East Jihadist Army
Michael Carl 

18. Watch and Do Not Grow Weary
Pete Garcia

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