Thursday, September 11, 2014

EAGLE RISING 09/11/2014


“Four American Eagles Flew” A 9-11 Poetic Tribute


Former Attorney General Calls the Obama Administration “the Most Lawless Ever!”


We Need a Government with Principles

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  • White Democrat Says Latina Republican “Doesn’t Have Latino Heart” Republican Governor Susana Martinez is running for reelection in New Mexico, and her Democrat opponent is pulling out all the stops in his campaign to unseat her – including the race card. What’s interesting in […]
  • The Common Core - Like it or lump it The Common Core - Like it or lump it Here is another aspect of common core - you can't question it. At all. And, really, it isn't that surprising.  We have a president who not […]
  • Brilliant Comedian Gives Wonderful 9/11 Tribute We are big fans of comedian and thinker Evan Sayet. If you’ve been reading Eagle Rising for any length of time… you probably already knew that. Well, a few years ago our esteemed colleague wrote […]
  • President Obama – Terror, Drama, Optics and “Dumb” Homemakers I had a nice chat with two chemical engineer buddies at lunch on Sunday. Sometimes it seems so useless to keep kicking against the mess our leadership has gotten our country into. Writing about the problems and […]
  • Barack Obama - All Drama No Substance President Barack Obama is all flash and no substance. Everything he does has been planed for full dramatic effect and is solely done because "it looks good." Or at least the White House hopes it […]
  • Atheists to Remove "Under God" from Pledge of Allegiance The Washington Times reports that “the American Humanist Association kicked off a national campaign to press people to stop pledging allegiance to the U.S. flag, until the phrase ‘under God’ is removed. The campaign includes YouTube video spots and […]

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