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Old-timers and history buffs will remember CBS Evening News anchor Walter Cronkite, “the most trusted man in America.”  In February of 1968, Cronkite went to Vietnam to personally survey the conduct of the war.  Upon his return, Cronkite wrote an editorial essentially declaring that victory in southeast Asia was impossible.

After hearing Cronkite’s editorial, then-President Lyndon Johnson reportedly said, “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost middle America.”

After reading a blog post last week by Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger, I can imagine liberal Democrat congressional candidate Erin Bilbray-Kohn uttering a similar, “If I’ve lost Ralston, I’ve lost liberal Nevada.”

Indeed, Jon Ralston has been a reliable mouthpiece and partisan hack for Democrat candidates up and down the ballot in Nevada for many, many years.  Indeed, any pretense of Ralston being an objective, non-partisan “journalist” went out the window many, many years ago.  He is as liberal as the day is long.

So when a hard-core liberal activist like Ralston dumps on the campaign of a hard-core liberal candidate, you know that liberal candidate has stepped in some deep macaca.

In a blog post headlined, “Bilbray sounds alarm about negative Heck ad that is unrelentingly...postive” (yes, the man who LOVES to correct everyone else’s grammar errors and typos actually misspelled “positive” in his headline!), Ralston notes that Bilbray-Kohn’s campaign sent out a “breathless email” last week claiming her opponent, Rep. Joe Heck (R-Nevada), had just launched an “attack ad” on Bilbray-Kohn.

Only, um, he didn’t.

Even Ralston – the left’s unofficial campaign spokesman - was forced to acknowledge that the ad was 100% positive about Congressman Heck and never once mentioned, or even vaguely alluded to, Bilbray-Kohn.  But don’t take Jon’s word for it, watch the ad for yourself by clicking here

The Keystone Kops would look at the Bilbray-Kohn campaign, scratch their heads and say, “WTF?”

They would then be ROTFLTAO.


Remember yesterday’s report about Bilbray-Kohn complaining about Heck only agreeing to do one debate (one more than her campaign deserves!)? 

Well, I’ve since been told that at least one additional debate has also already been agreed to; a face-to-face on PBS.  Not sure of exact date yet. Will let you know when I know.

And it is now Day 2 since I offered to give Mrs. Bilbray-Kohn a tune-up debate at our next First Friday Happy Hour.  No response.  Looks like the candidate who falsely accuses her opponent of ducking debates is herself…ducking debates.


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“For the second time, @erinbilbray's troubled campaign has replaced campaign manager. What a nightmare for the Democrats here.” – Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger, 8/15/14

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