Tuesday, July 1, 2014

GOP USA - THE EAGLE 07/01/2014

Obama Looks to Bypass Congress as Illegals Flood In

President Barack Obama's abrupt shift from seeking immigration legislation to pursuing a go-it-alone executive strategy raises expectations among immigration advocates that Obama may have trouble satisfying while setting up a clash with House Republicans who've already threatened to sue him.

Americans Lose While Illegal Aliens Gain

American-born workers have had a net loss in jobs since 2000, while all of the job growth since then has gone to immigrants, according to a remarkable new study by the Center for Immigration Studies. This revelation comes as some Republican politicians continue to flirt with amnesty and the disastrous proposal of so-called immigration reform.

Wait-and-see: The impact of Hobby Lobby ruling

In the wake of yesterday's Supreme Court ruling favoring Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties, a longtime pro-life activist says there remains an important issue yet to be decided.

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Putin's American Big Business Allies
The editorial page of The Washington Post is warning of the folly of appeasing Vladimir Putin, saying: When Russia was roiled by uncertainty and change in the 1990s, and even into the 2000s, it made sense to engage.
Democrat candidates find religion in the south
Jason Carter, former President Jimmy Carter's grandson, stepped into the pulpit of South Columbus United Methodist Church for a Palm Sunday sermon and offered a message of Christian responsibility to the poor, with his phone in hand.
Israel Bombs Gaza After Teenagers Found Dead
Israeli fighter jets have bombed dozens of sites in the Gaza Strip hours after vowing to take revenge on the killers of three teenagers. Soldiers also demolished the West Bank homes of two main suspects in the murders of the kidnapped trio.

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