Friday, July 25, 2014


150 Hamas operatives surrender to Israeli Defense Forces in Gaza

by BareNakedIslam
Dozens of Palestinian terror operatives, most of whom were said to be members of Hamas, surrendered Wednesday to IDF soldiers during raids in the southern Gaza Strip cities of Rafah and Khan Yunis and were transferred to Israeli facilities for interrogation. Times of Israel  The operatives, who came out of hiding spots with their hands raised […]

HAMAS used temporary ‘humanitarian’ cease-fire to kill 25 Palestinian civilians and blame it on the IDF

by BareNakedIslam
Hamas killed at least 25 Palestinian civilians it suspected of collaborating with Israel, according to sources close to Gazan jihadist organizations. The sources, close to both Hamas and the Islamic Jihad groups, said that most of the extra-judicial killings of suspected collaborators took place during a brief “humanitarian” cease-fire four days ago. WND Aaron Klein - The […]

HAMAS savagely beats Gaza civilians who heed IDF calls to leave targeted areas

by BareNakedIslam
Israeli news website, Kooker posted undated German footage, shot in Gaza, of what it said were Hamas enforcers violently beating and coercing residents to remain in their homes, despite their pleading that the IDF called on them to evacuate the area. Algemeiner (h/t Liz)  In the video, armed enforcers, some wielding batons, are seen beating and punching recalcitrant residents, […]

Hamas-linked CAIR spokesIslamist gets totally owned by Sean Hannity and Dr. Zuhdi Jasser

by BareNakedIslam
This Muslim master of obfuscation refuses to answer the question "Is Hamas a terrorist organization?" It's a simple Yes or No answer, schmuck.

HAMAS SpokesTerrorist declares that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is worse than Hitler

by BareNakedIslam
And who better qualified to talk about Nazis than a die-hard IslamoNazi himself? AlohaSnackbar01

NICE WORK! Florida Family Association gets a St. Louis hotel to cancel a Hamas-lnked CAIR event

by BareNakedIslam
CAIR-St. Louis July 23, 2014 media event at The Seven Gables Inn has been canceled. Florida Family Association sent out several email alerts which reported that the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) ST. Louis was holding a media event on July 23, 2014 at The Seven Gables Inn in St. Louis, Missouri.  The CAIR St. Louis web page states […]

Calls of “Intifada” “Intifada” as West Bank riots over Gaza turn deadly

by BareNakedIslam
Five Palestinians killed as Muslims riot in the West Bank as Hamas calls for a 3rd Intifada (mass killing of Jews). Palestinian Authority officials called for a “Day of Rage” across the West Bank after Friday's prayers, in protest of the war on Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Times of Israel  Five Palestinians were killed in the West […]

TMI: TV Reality star Khloe Kardashian abstains from sex during Ramadan with her boyfriend who is a Muslim

by BareNakedIslam
Khloe Kardashian is not having sex with her rapper boyfriend French Montana due to his Islamic religious beliefs. The reality star revealed in a radio interview that she and Montana are abstaining during the month of Ramadan out of respect for his faith.  I wonder if anyone has told Khloe what Muslims did to members of […]

Israeli Defense Forces set up hospital for Palestinians on border of Gaza

by BareNakedIslam
As part of the IDF's commitment to minimizing civilian casualties, soldiers have set up a field hospital capable of advanced medical treatment but Hamas is stopping injured Gazans from seeking care at the IDF hospital. And the UN wants Israel brought up on war crimes charges.

JORDANIAN TV Host burns Israeli flag, demands Israeli and U.S. Embassies there be shut down

by BareNakedIslam
Apparently, he doesn't know or care that Jordan likely will be calling on Israel and the U.S. to protect the kingdom should ISIS stage an attack on it. Israel and Jordan prepared to help Jordan fight ISIS if they are attacked

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