Monday, April 14, 2014


Maybe Public Shaming Will Help This Bully Rethink His Ways
Edmund Aviv of Ohio was convicted of harassment and bullying his neighbor and her disabled child. The judge sentenced him to 2 weeks of jail time, community service, a letter of apology, and anger management classes. And one more time-honored thing: public humiliation. He was required to spend five hours on the side of a […] READ MORE

Border Patrol Officers May Risk Charges After Filing Falified Police Report
A border patrol officer who crashed his van into a civilian car blamed the accident on the other driver–but little did he know, the civilian had a secret camera installed in his vehicle. The video evidence makes it quite clear that the border cop caused the crash and lied about the details in subsequent reports. […] READ MORE

How To Recognize And Avoid A Credit Card Skimmer
When you pay by credit card, take a close look at the slot you’re sticking your plastic inside: Transit officials in New York found a credit card skimmer inside a subway fare card vending machine Wednesday night. A customer discovered the skimmer and pulled it from the machine at the 59th St.-Columbus Circle station. ATM-style […] READ MORE

Video: Stephen Colbert Takes On Common Core
Comedy Central frontman Stephen Colbert, who will soon replace David Letterman on CBS’s “Late Show,” openly mocked the Obama administration’s Common Core education standards. Colbert first poked fun at the public’s widespread paranoia of the standards, but he then shared some examples of confusing Common Core assignments, suggesting that perhaps that paranoia is warranted. READ MORE

New Evidence May Indicate NSA Took Advantage Of Heartbleed Leaks For Years
A new report about the massive internet security software bug that’s been shaking up the Web all week indicates the National Security Agency both knew about and exploited the flaw to to spy on internet traffic for at least two years. Bloomberg News broke the story in a Friday report citing two sources “familiar with […] READ MORE

Bus Bully Learns The Hard Way Not To Push People Too Far
An alleged bully was in for a major surprise after she decided to violently attack a boy on her school bus. While the victim initially sat helplessly as she punched him in the face, pulled his hair and slapped him, his eventual reaction stunned the young woman. In video of the attack that was captured […] READ MORE

Video: Did You Know Harry Reid Has A Koch Addiction?
For over a month, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been obsessed with the Koch brothers. He condemns them on the senate floor on a daily basis. So, how many times has the strangely-obsessed Reid mentioned the evil conservative billionaire brothers? Thanks to our good friends at Washington Free Beacon, we now have the answer: […] READ MORE

Serious Online Security Breach Has Been Found, “Heartbleed” Widespread Problem
You know the lock icon that pops up next to URLs to tell you a website will keep your information safe? It turns out it has actually left your private data unsecured for more than two years. Websites encrypt your information, like emails, passwords and credit card numbers, so if anyone tries to snoop, they […] READ MORE

Schools Not Insulated From Violent Attacks, Despite Rules And Weapon Bans
As I rolled down my driveway and pulled onto the street Wednesday morning I turned the radio up and took a sip of coffee. A song was coming to an end as I reached to change the channel, knowing that I needed some music to get the blood pumping through my veins. The voice of […] READ MORE

Oops! Democrat’s Staff Sent Emails To IRS About Targeting
If you’ve paid even a modicum of attention to the House Oversight Committee hearings on the IRS scandal, you know that Ranking Member Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) has insisted from the beginning that the Republican-led investigation has been little more than a witch hunt. Cummings has been accused of virtually running cover for the White […] READ MORE

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