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"Justice is the end of government. It is the end of civil society. It ever has been and ever will be pursued until it be obtained, or until liberty be lost in the pursuit." --James Madison, Federalist No. 51, 1788


'This Thing Is Working'

Barack Obama spiked the political football again Thursday, claiming that some eight million people have signed up for ObamaCare health insurance and declaring, "It's well past time to move on as a country and focus our energy on the issues that people are most concerned about, and that continues to be the economy." No word on how many have paid for their coverage and therefore actually enrolled. And for the record, the number of insurance plans were cancelled by Obama's legislation exceeds the number who have actually enrolled in new plans through the government exchanges. Furthermore, the reason "people are most concerned about the economy" is because Obama's "economic recovery" has been as "successful" as his endeavor to socialize medicine. As for his suggestion that Democrats should not avoid running on this behemoth boondoggle, they know that this law will eventually be a lightening rod for every medical service or delivery complaint nationwide -- and by extension any Democrat who voted for it will also be a lightening rod.
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Pelosi Says GOP 'Immoral'

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) criticized Republicans for their "immoral" stance of blocking yet another extension of unemployment benefits. "It is unconscionable that the House has not acted to renew emergency unemployment insurance," she said. "Never before has Congress allowed emergency unemployment insurance to expire while long-term unemployment rates have remained so high." To be clear, Democrats have been extending these benefits for years during the Obama "recovery," obviously to little avail. What's unconscionable is that Democrats continue to think taking money from one group of people and giving it to another group of people is the right answer. They have a strange definition of morality.
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NYT's Pity for Tsarnaev

A year after the Boston marathon bombings, The New York Times is expressing pity ... for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. "He cannot mingle, speak or pray with other prisoners. His only visitors are his legal team, a mental health consultant and his immediate family, who apparently have seen him only rarely," began the article, Marathon Bombing Suspect Waits in Isolation. "He may write only one letter -- three pages, double-sided -- and place one telephone call each week, and only to his family. If he reads newspapers and magazines, they have been stripped of classified ads and letters to the editor, which the government deems potential vehicles for coded messages. He watches no television, listens to no radio. He ventures outside infrequently, and only to a single small open space." Well, he is a terrorist charged with killing three and injuring 260. Though the Times doesn't explicitly come out against strict confinement, they hint as much. "The restrictions," you see, "are reserved for inmates considered to pose the greatest threat to others," and "privately, federal officials say there is little of substance to suggest that Mr. Tsarnaev, 20, and his brother Tamerlan were anything but isolated, homegrown terrorists." Well in that case...
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Duncan: Illegal Crossings 'Inspiring'

According to Education Secretary Arne Duncan, "it's frankly inspiring" observing children of illegal immigrants crossing the border on a daily basis to attend American schools. In an Education Department video, Duncan says that "at [a] local elementary school, Columbus Elementary in New Mexico, the majority of the kids travel back and forth across the border every single day." He then praises "parents [for having] the courage to drop their six-, seven- and eight-year olds off to send them here to chase the American dream, to get a better education, to contribute to society." We're not sure what's worse -- deliberately breaking immigration laws that aren't being enforced, or Democrats encouraging such unlawful behavior.
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Deal Reached on Ukraine

The foreign ministers of Ukraine, Russia, the EU and the United States met in Geneva Thursday and actually managed to agree on a deal to stop the violence and unrest plaguing Ukraine's eastern regions. "Pro-Russian separatists" must pull out of government buildings they control, while Russia, in the words of Secretary of State John Kerry, is "absolutely prepared to begin to respond with respect to troops." We suppose that's mealy mouthed diplomatic jargon for withdrawing forces from the border. Ukraine's interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk did not, however, sound convinced, noting that Russia had already virtually invaded eastern Ukraine and saying the deal would hardly be sufficient reversal, especially given that separatists say they don't recognize the government of Ukraine. Not to worry, though; Kerry called the deal a "good day's work."
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"The battle is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave." --Patrick Henry
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Bloomberg's Holy War on the Second Amendment

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is renewing his push for tighter gun restrictions. Bloomberg has been a national campaigner for gun control for years, and it became a signature issue of the self-made billionaire's 12-year term as New York's mayor. He testified in Washington a number of times and organized Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a national group of mayors that at the outset was marketed as an attempt to get illegal weapons "off the streets" of America's cities. The supposed nonpartisan group soon dropped all pretense as a leftist campaign intent on preventing citizens in urban areas from owning firearms, and a number of mayors left the organization as a result. After early momentum, the group stumbled and then fizzled out completely after Bloomberg left office in 2013.
Not content to amble off into retirement, America's Nanny is now putting up $50 million of his own money to create a new anti-gun group, Everytown for Gun Safety. Bloomberg insisted on NBC's "Today Show" that this isn't a battle for dollars, which is a view that could only be held by a self-righteous billionaire. The amount of money that Bloomberg is plunking down on this effort is about 10 times more than what the NRA spends on advertising. That kind of cash can only be meant for one thing -- a saturation-level media campaign. And if its first ad is any indication, then we're in for a long, uninformed campaign. It depicts a child discovering a loaded pistol in a shoebox in her parents' closet and it's implied she shoots her brother. The ad concludes with the menacing words, "Scenes like this happen all the time. More than 2 million American kids live in home with unsecured guns."
First of all, only a stone cold moron would store a firearm in such a manner. Second, teaching gun safety is a parental responsibility that the vast majority of gun owners take very seriously. But neither of those is really Bloomberg's point. It's that no one should be trusted to own a firearm.
And what about his money? No one in the media seems to have a problem with Bloomberg's large infusion of cash into the political conversation. NBC's Savannah Guthrie twice mentioned the $50 million during her interview with Bloomberg, even gushing about how that amount would dwarf the NRA's public budget. But she never once questioned whether the amount was appropriate, and neither have many op-ed writers in America's major newspapers. If this were the Koch brothers, the Leftmedia wouldn't be talking about anything else except the money. Then again, the Kochs also respect the Second Amendment and our God-given Liberty.
Bloomberg's Everytown campaign is a blatant display of arrogance. He remains bent on tighter gun control laws, ignoring the fact that what Americans really want is the right to defend themselves and their families as guaranteed in the Second Amendment. Like with the campaigns he waged against smoking, salt and large sodas in New York, Bloomberg seems to believe that he has been tapped by some higher power to make America a squeaky-clean place where no one gets to enjoy anything he doesn't approve of.
He even went so far as to say that he is assured a place in heaven thanks to his work on these issues. "I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I'm not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in," he said. "I have earned my place in heaven. It's not even close." What unbelievable and utterly obnoxious arrogance. Bloomberg thinks he knows better than everyone else -- including God -- about many things, but he couldn't be more wrong. And he'll find that out sooner or later.
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The End of the Export-Import Bank?

Once upon a time, it may have seemed like a good idea: The government created a financial institution designed to provide and backstop financing for companies from around the world wishing to import American products. Known as the Export-Import Bank, there is now an effort to get rid of it. We don't think the effort will succeed just yet, but that doesn't mean it's not worth a try.
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French writer Voltaire (1694-1778): "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."
Columnist Jonah Goldberg: "In a sense, arguing with the Russian bear is like arguing with a real bear. No matter how eloquently you explain to the bear that it should not eat your face, it's going to eat your face if it wants to eat your face -- that is, if you do nothing tangible to stop it. ... On April 12, The Wall Street Journal reported that the White House was still weighing requests from the Ukrainian government for other supplies such as 'medical kits, uniforms, boots and military socks.' 'You want to calibrate your chest-thumps,' a senior military official told the Journal, explaining this step-by-step approach. 'He does something else in Ukraine, we release the socks.' ... Call me crazy, but I doubt the response will be 'Comrades! Call it off! We can't take the chance that the Ukrainians will have warm, dry feet when we invade Kiev!' ... [H]as it really gotten to the point where the U.S. military now defines 'chest-thumping' as unleashing the socks of war?"
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Columnist Frank J. Fleming: "Here's how articles written about science should read in the future: 'Some guys say there's oil on Titan.' 'Some guy has some new ideas on the effects of cholesterol on the human body.' '97% of some guys believe global warming is manmade.' Now, if you saw similar phrases in an article, what would your reaction be? You'd say things like, 'Who are these guys?' and 'Why should I listen to them?' and 'Have they done anything in the past that demonstrates they have any idea what they're talking about?' All of these questions, by the way, are ones you should have been asking about scientists, but we just don't think to do that since we assume the word means something ... which just demonstrates how much smarter and more reasoning we'll become when we get rid of that loaded term."
Comedian Conan O'Brien: "Analysts say the key voting block that Democrats have to reach this year is unmarried women. When Bill Clinton was told, he said, 'I'm on it.'"
Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis!
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