Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Fellow Conservatives:

Republicans are in serious danger of losing the U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky because Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is so unpopular and refuses to retire.

Mitch McConnell and Barack ObamaAfter nearly thirty years in Washington, Mitch McConnell's image in his home state is so bad that he currently shares a dismal 31% approval rating with President Obama.

That spells serious trouble for a Republican running in a state that President Obama lost in 2012 by 23 percentage points.

Despite Republicans having a big advantage in Kentucky, Cook Political Report rates the Senate race a "Toss Up" between McConnell and his Democratic opponent.

According to Cook's analysis of all 2014 Senate races, McConnell is the only Republican incumbent in danger of losing to a Democrat this year.

Mitch McConnell was urged to retire and put the interests of the party ahead of his own political ambitions, but he refused.

Now McConnell is headed for defeat, which will likely cost the party an important Senate seat and could prevent it from winning a majority.

The only way to keep Kentucky red is for conservatives across the nation to support McConnell's primary challenger, Matt Bevin (R-KY). If Matt Bevin wins the primary, he will win the seat for conservatives and save it for Republicans.

Keep Kentucky Red - Support Matt Bevin

The Democrats know this and it's why they hope McConnell wins the May 20 primary. National Journal recently published a story exposing this fact.
Democrats are hoping to turn the Senate race into a referendum on an unpopular incumbent. But without McConnell on the ticket, the presumed Democratic nominee, Alison Lundergan Grimes, will face a much tougher foe in the fresh-faced Republican...

"It would be night-and-day-change for the race," said Jim Cauley, a Democratic strategist in Kentucky who thinks Bevin presents a greater challenge than McConnell. "We would have to switch gears completely."
Matt Bevin isn't just a principled conservative that voters can count on to oppose President Obama's liberal agenda, he's also a compelling candidate who can win this Senate seat for Republicans.

Unlike McConnell, Bevin isn't a career politician. He's a businessman and family man who shares our values.

Matt Bevin opposes unpopular liberal policies like bailouts, more debt, higher taxes, and funding for Obamacare -- all things that Mitch McConnell has voted for as the Senate Republican Leader.

Elect A True Conservative - Support Matt Bevin

Matt Bevin (R-KY)Conservatives are used to being told by the GOP establishment that our candidates are unelectable, but the opposite is true in Kentucky. It's the establishment's candidate who is going to cost the party this seat.

The reason the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is backing McConnell is because he controls the committee. If any other Republican were at risk in a red state like this, McConnell and the NRSC would be pressuring them to retire. It's exactly what McConnell did to his former home state colleague, Senator Jim Bunning, back in 2009.

There are no good arguments for Mitch McConnell. He's not a good leader, he's not a conservative, and he's not even an electable Republican. 

Please support Matt Bevin's U.S. Senate campaign today.

Matt Bevin is rapidly gaining on McConnell in the polls, but he won't win unless we help him get his message out. Please take action and help keep Kentucky red.

Best regards,

Matt Hoskins
Executive Director
Senate Conservatives Fund

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