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LIFE NEWS 01/13/2014

Pope Francis: Abortion Kills Children “Who Will Never See the Light of Day” Pope Francis today spoke out strongly against the abortion culture, saying abortion is part of the same “throwaway” culture that wastes both people and food.

This is just the latest example of Pope Francis taking a consistent and frequent public position against abortion and it comes less than 10 days away from the day Americans will mourn the loss of 56 million unborn children to abortion following Roe v. Wade.
56,662,169 Abortions in America Since Roe vs. Wade in 1973Given the trends seen in recent national reports, National Right to Life now believes that there have been over 56 million abortions since 1973.
One critical piece of evidence in that calculation arrived in November of 2013, when the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported its latest national figures. It was important to find out whether the drop in abortions for 2009 seen by the CDC–4.6%–would continue in 2010. If it dropped again, we’d have some confidence that the 2009 figure wasn’t just some odd statistical aberration, that there really was some real and significant decline. It did.

Supreme Court: Arizona Can’t Enforce Ban on Abortions After 20 WeeksThe Supreme Court issued a ruling today saying the state of Arizona can’t enforce its law to ban abortions after five months of pregnancy.
After a federal judge upheld an Arizona law that bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, one of the most liberal appeals courts in the nation struck is down. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the law violates U.S. Supreme Court rulings on abortion, including Roe v. Wade. The ruling does not affect similar laws passed in other states except the law in Idaho, which is also covered under the jurisdiction of the appeals court.
Abortion Activists Call Saving “Brain Dead” Pregnant Woman’s Baby “Dehumanizing”
Today we have a tragic pregnancy situation out of Fort Worth, Texas. At Life News, Rachel Cox summarizes:
In November, Erick Munoz’s wife Marlise, who was 14 weeks pregnant, suffered a blood clot and is still in the hospital hooked up to machines. Doctors say she is brain dead and will never recover. Erick Munoz believes the baby will have defects and the baby’s life won’t be worth living. Her husband says his wife clearly stated she never wanted to be on life support. Erick Munoz wants to “honor his wife’s wishes” and remove her from life support which would kill her and their unborn baby. However, Texas law prevents the removal of a pregnant woman from life support and Erick Munoz is publicly voicing his opposition.

Twin Who Survived Abortion Shares Her Incredible Story at Pro-Life Rally At the age of 13, Claire Culwell’s mother learned she was pregnant and decided to have an abortion, though she didn’t know she was pregnant with twins.
After she had an abortion of Claire’s brother, she returned to the abortion clinic after realizing she still had a growing and developing baby inside of her. Told she was too late to have a second abortion, she gave birth to Claire, who struggled on life support as she dealt with a myriad of medical issues following her birth.
Chinese Woman Seven Months Pregnant Forced to Abort as She Begged for MercyAn AP report describes the heartbreaking aftermath of the forced abortion of Gong Qifeng. Seven months pregnant with her second son, she was pinned down to a table by several people and forcibly aborted, as she begged for mercy.
Gong stated, “It [the forced abortion] has become a mental pain. I feel like a walking corpse.” Her subsequent diagnosis of schizophrenia graphically demonstrates the untold mental and emotional violence that forced abortion unleashes against the women of China.
Sebelius May Face Perjury Charges For Misleading Congress on ObamacareHealth and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius misled Congress on Obamacare during hearings on Capital Hill. Pro-life advocates were upset she didn’t provide truthful information about abortion funding under the controversial health care law and Republicans were upset about a wide range of issues on which they felt the HHS Secretary was less than forthcoming.
Now, committee chairman Rep Darrell Issa has warned Sebelius in a letter that her testimony on Obamacare may result in perjury charges.

San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick Says Being Adopted a “Blessing” The San Francisco 49ers won a big playoff victory today against the Carolina Panthers. But, in an interview last year, the team’s quarterback said he had already received the biggest victory of his life. Because he was adopted.
Poll: Americans Favor Mandatory Waiting Period Before an Abortion A Rasmussen poll from July 9, 2013 shows that although slightly more Americans polled consider themselves pro-choice, that percentage of 46% is “the lowest finding in three years of regular surveying.
Man Killed His Unborn Child By Tricking Girlfriend Into Taking Abortion Drug U.S. District Judge Richard A. Lazzara ruled late Friday afternoon that the drug John Andrew Welden tricked his pregnant girlfriend into taking caused the abortion of Remee Jo Lee’s 6-7-week-old unborn baby..
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Pro-Life Rally Will Support “Dead” Mom Who Could Save Her Unborn Baby’s Life Pro-Life leaders will hold a prayer vigil Sunday outside the Texas hospital where a 33-year-old pregnant woman is being kept on life-support to give her 20-week-old pre-born baby an chance at life.
Abortion a Moneymaker for Wendy Davis: Raises $10 Million for Texas Governor Bid Abortion is apparently a moneymaker for Wendy Davis, the pro-abortion activist who filibustered a bill to stop late-term abortions in Texas and is now embarking on a campaign to become the next governor of Texas.

If Ultrasounds Make No Difference, Why Do Abortion Activists Oppose Them? A rash of mandatory ultrasound laws across the country have had abortion advocates outraged. To them, it’s unnecessary and akin to rape, and it pressures and guilts the poor, poor women who just want to kill their unborn child and get on with their life.
Abortion-Obsessed MSNBC Host Chides Pro-Lifers for Talking About Abortion MSNBC contributor Irin Carmon continued her obsession with abortion on Thursday, penning an article for titled “Why the GOP Is Still Talking About Abortion.”
Mom and Daughter With Down Syndrome Direct Each Other in Beautiful Photography Project As a photographer, Emer Gillespie is used to having control over her camera and the projects she undertakes in her profession.
We’re Either Identical to The Unborn Baby in Our Mother’s Womb or We’re Not I have previously explained two good arguments for the pro-life position, the Substance View and the Future of Value arguments. I would like to share with you a third.
City Rejects Pro-Life Sign But Approves Signs for Liquor Store The Kansas town of Basehor has denied a church request to place a temporary pro-life sign in front of their facility; however, the city approved a new liquor store sign in the same night’s voting.
Young Americans in the Post Roe v. Wade Generations Will End Abortion I had the opportunity in recent months to speak on the campuses of both Princeton University, as a guest of the American Whig-Cliosophic Society, and the University of Dallas, as a guest of Crusaders for Life.
Gripping Account of Forced Abortion In Communist China: “I Feel Like a Walking Corpse” Kudos to the Washington Post’s Express tabloid, which on Friday published a gripping story from Associated Press by Didi Tang headlined “The Perils of Pregnancy In China.”
Vermont Senators Want to Get Rid of State’s Pre-Roe Abortion Ban A group of Vermont state senators have introduced an unfortunate bill that would affirm a woman’s right to abortion, in an effort to nullify provisions still on the books in the Green Mountain State that criminalize the procedure.

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