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LIFE NEWS 01/01/2014

Supreme Court Stops Obama From Forcing Catholic Nuns to Obey HHS Mandate
In a huge 11th-hour victory for pro-life advocates, the Supreme Court issued an order late Tuesday night stopping the Obama administration from forcing a group of Catholic nuns to obey the HHS mandate that compels them to pay for abortion-causing drugs and birth control.
The group Little Sisters of the Poor received a temporary injunction from the Supreme Court protecting them from the controversial HHS contraceptive mandate.
New Year Holiday Makes It Hard to Find Doctor to Transfer Jahi McMath
While the world celebrates the New year, the family of Jahi McMath is working feverishly to find a doctor who will conduct the necessary medical procedures to transfer the teenage girl to a medical facility that will provide the supposedly “brain dead” girl additional care and treatment.
Her mother and family say she is alive following a tonsillectomy gone awry that has left her in an incapacitated state since early December.

Twin Babies Born in Separate Years Despite Their Births Just Minutes Apart
The celebration of life began in earnest in 2014 as two sets of twins were born last night, one founding out the year 2013 and another pair of babies born at the every beginning of 2014. The good news for their parents came at MedStar Washington Hospital Center in the nation’s capital.
Although they were born just minutes apart, the twins were technically born in separate years.

Conjoined Twins Doing Well After Separation, Doctor Told Mom She Should Abort Them
Not all conjoined twins are separated given the risks inherent with surgery. Abby and Brittany Hensel were born conjoined with a very low chance they would make it through infancy, but they are doing well despite the fact they are still conjoined.
But little girls Allison June and Amelia Lee Tucker were in a different situation and separation was possible in their case. They’re lucky to be here in the first place — because their doctor suggested to their mother that she consider an abortion and that separation was not likely to be successful. These girls proved that OBGYN wrong.

White House: Forcing Catholic Nuns to Pay for Birth Control Strikes the Right “Balance”
The Obama White House is unhappy that the Supreme Court, late Tuesday, issued an injunction preventing the administration from forcing a group of Catholic nuns to pay for birth control and drugs that cause abortions.
In an interview after the decision, the White House said forcing the Catholic nuns to pay for those objectionable things that run counter to Catholic Church pro-life teachings strike’s the right “balance.”
Obamacare’s 2013 Disastrous Rollout Foreshadows Massive Rationing in 2014
A year-end article from The Hill, a newspaper which covers DC politics, might have said it best — “The healthcare law faced a very tough year in 2013, but that could pale in comparison to what happens in 2014.”
In her piece, “Top 5 O-Care stories to watch”, Elise Viebeck went on to write,
She Was on Her Way to Have an Abortion, When She Saw a Pro-Life Bumper Sticker
“Debbie” was going to have an abortion. In fact, she was literally in her car on her way to the abortion facility that was going to kill her baby. The “counselors” there hadn’t told her the full truth about her baby’s development. They rarely do.
So many women choose abortion simply because they don’t know the truth about the humanity of their little babies. But sometimes, those little babies are given one last chance.
2013 Saw Huge Pro-Life Gains as Clinics Close, Abortions Drop to New Lows
Despite the current occupant in the White House and the dominance of abortion sympathizers in the U.S. Senate, 2013 was a year of some notable successes for the pro-life movement.
Ninth Annual March for Life in Paris Will Unite Pro-Lifers Against Abortion
The Ninth Annual Marche Pour le Respect de la Vie, our sister pro-life event in Paris, will be held on January 19.

Happy New Year Ireland, It’s Now Legal to Kill Unborn Children in Abortions
Every New Year’s Day heralds in a fresh start, a time of new hope and opportunity, and today is no different.
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Irony: Planned Parenthood Tweets About All Human Beings Deserving Freedom
Sometimes irony displays itself with pictures that have a subtext of 55 million words. On Monday, Planned Parenthood tweeted this picture.
Pennsylvania Abortions Drop 5 Percent as Abortion Clinics Close
Pennsylvania’s abortion rate is on the decline—and that’s good news for women and their families, according to the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation.

Woman Conceived in IVF Mourns the Loss of Her Sibling Embryos Who Died
This e-mail from a reader broke my heart. It is a cry for help from a young IVF-conceived woman who mourns the loss of her siblings that didn’t make it. It is also a look at the darker-side of IVF that no one wants to talk about: the massive loss of life inherent in the IVF process.
Kenneth Edelin, Who Did Live Birth Abortions Like Kermit Gosnell, Passes Away
Abortion practitioner Kenneth Edelin passed away recently.
Doctor: New Jersey Assisted Suicide Bill is Dangerous
The New Jersey Death with Dignity Act (A3328/S2259) has little to do with discussing end-of-life care with our doctor, as those who are pushing to legalize assisted suicide would lead us to believe.

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