Saturday, December 14, 2013


In the early 1970's Vice-President Spiro Agnew popularized the term “silent majority.” The term referred to the majority of Americans who were so busy earning a living, raising a family and taking care of their other responsibilities that they had little time to voice their concerns regarding politics. However, many laws, particularly those involving government taxing and spending policy, seemed to benefit a small percentage of the people while harming this silent majority. Since they had little time to voice their concerns they relied on elected officials to represent them.

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Recently, Warren Buffett warned that people should “fear paper money”. When you see this story you'll see why he's right. 36 cities in 20 states are turning their back on the U.S. dollar. This is happening right here in America. And it's a quickly developing situation. This is extremely controversial. But you need to understand what's happening. Click here to read this story.

Don't let stress kill you... The holiday season is one of the most stressful times of year. Not only are we dealing with our everyday stresses like work and home life, we're piling on stress about buying gifts, traveling, visiting family, and getting sick. These stresses are shortening your lifespan. Several studies show stress actually alters the structure of your cells, shortening the things called “telomeres”   which are like “caps” on chromosomes. These caps protect the chromosome from damage and keep it from sticking to neighboring chromosomes.

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The Cuban people can't just go on the internet and read the news of the day. For most Cubans, access to news is controlled by government officials and their highly sensitive filters that determine what the Cuban people read and know. While some actual news seeps in through the few human rights activists inside Cuba, the government wants what happens in Cuba, to stay in Cuba. As people around the world have taken to the streets to demand greater freedoms over the last several years, the Cuban people have been left in the dark   both literally and figuratively. Little information is known inside Cuba about how people are organizing, petitioning and demanding change from their government and leaders in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The news-outs and rolling electrical black-outs throughout the country have made Cuba one of the most highly controlled societies in the world. Economic stagnation and government manipulation are part of life in Cuba.

But President Obama's handshake with Raul Castro, Communist Cuba's leader, is one piece of news that will be seen throughout Cuba. Castro's people will direct government lackeys to put the picture of the leader of the free world and the leader of the not-free world chatting and acting normal on the government controlled faux news outlets. Castro's robots will even take the video and move it from the world wide web and place it on their Havana-wide web. The image will be seen but the subsequent public policy discussions of the merits of capitalism will not. Nor will Cubans be able to read the mocking tweets and writings from American liberals on how insignificant a handshake was.

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Leadership can mean many things to many people.

But it's absence is obvious, as it was with President Barack Obama, Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and British Prime Minister David Cameron snapping a “selfie” Tuesday like teenagers at a rock concert and not dignitaries celebrating the life of former South African president Nelson Mandela at his funeral. His funeral. And this was not just any funeral. It was one for a man who led the fight to end apartheid in South Africa and “the great liberator” who “makes me want to be a better man” in Mr. Obama's soaring words that he spoke at the funeral.

Taking that photo and his flirting with Ms. Thorning-Schmidt undermined his speech. It said: I am outside the rules. I am the center of attention. I don't have to follow protocol because I am the protocol.

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