Saturday, December 14, 2013

ACTIVIST POST 12/14/2013


Chimpanzees are Rational, Not Conformists
Activist Post

Getting Organized For Making Things Better
Jon David Miller

Obamacare Sticks It to the Critically Ill: 50 Failed Attempts to Get Coverage
Lily Dane

US Hawks Want War on Iran
Stephen Lendman

Victory for Self Defense as Judge Rules Students Can Keep Guns on College Campuses
Mac Slavo

Syria's War: The Next Phase
Tony Cartalucci

New Must-See Videos

Wichita Airport Car Bomb Plotter Was Under FBI's Control

Garage Hacker Builds Homemade 100-Year Motor

How to protect yourself from FBI webcam spying

Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe on the High Cost of College

WOW: Three Days of Severe Snow in the Middle East


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TSA security fees could double next year

Impenetrable Fireproof House Made from Used Plastic Bottles

Bitcoin: Open source money whose time has come

How to Sell Bitcoins on eBay Without Getting Fleeced? Use FedEx

White House Front Group Vows to Target Alternative Media

JP Morgan facing $2bn fine for involvement in Madoff ponzi scheme

Scientists discover double meaning in genetic code

Chinese try to halt U.S. cruiser in international waters

Two men arrested for sending anti-Semetic tweets in the UK

Beneath Yellowstone, a volcano that could wipe out U.S.

Physicists discover 'clearest evidence yet' that the Universe is a hologram

Retired GM workers just lost $450 million in benefits

The NSA is out of control and must be stopped

‘They just wanted to ruin my head’: Records show Army lobotomized 2,000
WW2 vets

Wife of U.S. pastor imprisoned in Iran says Obama administration
‘has abandoned him’

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