Tuesday, December 17, 2013

CLASH DAILY 12/17/2013

OUR PRESIDENT IS A FOOL: How the West was Lost by the Selfie President My bookshelves sag with encyclopedic volumes arguing that America and the West are in decline. But proving that a picture is worth a thousand books, the “selfie” seen ’round the world ends the argument. It’s […] ... READ MORE

HOSPITAL FROM HELL: One of the Best Hospitals in the Country Is Accused of Doing One of the Worst Things Imaginable There is a hospital consistently ranked among the top in the United States in various pediatric fields. It has been hailed as having the best physicians and is the teaching hospital for the No. 1 […] ... READ MORE

Around the World: The Insanity of Islam Without hesitation, the most insane doctrine/political system in the world is Islam. From its pedophilic and misogynistic cravings to its hyper-violent subjugation of Jews and Christians – Islam is a crazed animal. The genesis ... READ MORE 


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