Friday, November 15, 2013

ACTIVIST POST 11/15/2013


Eastern European Protests Spread to Romania
Brandon Turbeville

Dutchsinse vid prompts Filipino scientist to deny geophysics & HAARP technology
Rady Ananda

“Discredited” Benghazi Whistleblower Disappears
Kimberly Paxton

Blogger Jailed For Contempt of an Unconstitutional Order
Lily Dane

Google: data requests from US govt more than tripled over past three years
Madison Ruppert

Lawmakers Attempt To Ban 3D Printed Guns On National Security Grounds
Families Face Radiation Danger After Authorities Lie About ‘Objects’ Found In
The Ground

Chris Carrington

‘Face’ of Obamacare Website Claims She Was Bullied, Image Pulled
Do BPA-free plastics still leach hormones into food?
Alt Media Under Attack: Someone Trying to Set-up Truthstream Media
Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton

Why Does The Mainstream Media Like To Make Fun Of Preppers So Much?
The Federal Reserve Is Monetizing A Staggering Amount Of U.S. Govt Debt
Michael Snyder

New Must-See Videos

Hacktivist Sentenced to 10 years for Anonymous Stratfor Hack

American Private Jails Reap Record Profits

Student Exposes Common Core, Teacher Evaluations, and Educational Data

Dutchsinse video prompts Filipino scientist to deny geophysics & HAARP tech

Do BPA-free plastics still leach hormones into food?


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US soldier: My sons won’t serve. “Before that happens, I’ll shoot them myself”

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Action Alert: Submit Comments to FDA on Food Safety Rules by Nov. 15

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