Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TEA PARTY NEWS 10/01/2013

WWII Vets Fight Tyranny Once More; Push Through Barriers at Memorial in Their Honor

WWII Vets during Shutdown

TPNN: President Obama has a track record of manipulating the American people in order to further his agenda. Back in March 2013, after he pushed for the sequester, he proceeded to place the finger of blame on Republicans. In addition, emails revealed that federal agents were told to make the sequester cuts as difficult as possibleRead more
Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews: 'Ted Cruz' is Brilliant... The President's Met His Match'

TPNN: MSNBC leftist zealot Chris Matthews offered some begrudging praise to Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz in his handling of the Obamacare crisis and the government shutdown that went into effect on Tuesday morning. Watch Here
Unhinged: Harry Reid Has Another Hissy Fit; Calls Tea Party 'Bullies'
TPNN: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is angry. To statists like him, the government would run so much smoother if everybody just followed him and the rest of the Democratic Party on the road previously taken by Europe. Read More

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