Thursday, October 17, 2013



Well, we knew this was coming.

The ink on the deal to end the government shutdown had not even had time to dry last night, when Harry Reid put his slavish devotion to Big Labor on display once again.

Late last night, Reid filed cloture on the nomination of corrupt union lawyer Richard Griffin to be the chief lawyer at the National Labor Relations Board.

The vote is just days away, and it’s critical that your Senators vote against cloture.

You see, this nomination is a direct slap in the face.

As you may recall, over the summer a handful of Republican Senators joined every Democrat to let Barack Obama pack the labor board with union militants literally and publicly chosen by AFL-CIO czar Richard Trumka.

The ONLY thing those Republicans got out of the “deal” was that Obama would not re-nominate Richard Griffin and Sharon Block to be members of the Board.

So what did Obama do?

He nominated Griffin for a different job at the Board -- the General Counsel -- the office in charge of prosecuting unfair labor practices by both unions and management.

It is hard to imagine a worse nominee.

Griffin is currently being investigated for attempting to cover up embezzlement at the International Union of Operating Engineers by firing employees who tried to expose the crime.

It’s outrageous that someone under investigation for such a crime would even be considered for a position with all of the power associated with the General Counsel position.

Will the Republicans play dead again?

It’s vital you sign this online petition and contact your Senators, urging him to vote against cloture on Richard Griffin for General Counsel on the NLRB.

As I said, Harry Reid has already filed cloture, and the vote is scheduled for just a few days from now.

Grassroots pressure from concerned Americans like you, demanding a filibuster against Big Labor power grabs stopped Harry Reid from shoving Card Check down our throats.

Once again, America needs strong and principled citizens like you to fight back and urge Senate Republicans not to cut another bad deal with Harry Reid.

As you probably know, the position of General Counsel comes with great power. When this power ends up in the hands of a Big Labor partisan, the results can be tyrannical.

And we don’t have to look far for an example.

This type of tyranny has been painfully clear under the NLRB’s current acting General Counsel, Lafe Solomon.

When Boeing decided to open a plant manufacturing its newest airplane in Right-to-Work South Carolina, it was Solomon that launched a lawsuit against the company for the sole reason the new plant was in a Right to Work state!

The NLRB’s job is to be an impartial arbiter between unions and management. But Lafe Soloman, as a General Counsel with an axe to grind, abused that power to coerce Boeing – and other companies through intimidation -- to open their factories in forced unionism states!

Having Solomon as General Counsel has turned the NLRB into something it was never intended to be, an activist agency for Big Labor.

Even the most basic background check is enough to show anyone that Richard Griffin would be even more biased.

Ten members of the local 501 IOUE in Los Angeles have claimed in a corruption lawsuit that Griffin was a constant participant in a conspiracy to manipulate Local 501 through a pattern of racketeering. The lawsuit specifically states that Griffin made threats in an attempt to cover up the embezzlement.

If Griffin is willing to illegally silence employees to protect Big Labor’s unlawful practices, as he’s accused of doing, how much worse will he be as the officer in charge of prosecuting unfair labor practices?

It’s like making a known drug kingpin the head of the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The NLRB is supposed to be a quasi-judicial, independent agency, staffed with people dedicated to interpreting the law and dealing with cases according to the letter and spirit of the law they are tasked with administering.

Richard Griffin doesn’t even come close to meeting that standard. Freedom, justice, and basic common sense all dictate that your senator oppose this nomination.

For all of these reasons it is vital you sign the online petition and urge your senator to vote against cloture on the nomination of Richard Griffin.


Mark Mix

P.S. It’s up to you and me to ensure the next General Counsel is independent and impartial.

And Obama’s current nominee, Richard Griffin, doesn’t even come close.

So please, sign the online petition and urge your senator to vote against cloture on Richard Griffin.

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