Thursday, September 12, 2013


Submitted by: Donald Hank

September 11, 2013
Censures continue as district declares McCain “Poster child for term limits”
Tuesday evening, the Republican elected Precinct Committeemen of Legislative District 26 passed a ‘Resolution To Rebuke & Condemn’ Sen. John McCain by a 24 to 13 vote. Four abstentions were recorded. “John McCain is the poster child for term limits, his back room dealings, insatiable war drum, and eroding base, call to question why this man is our Senator. It is my hope that Senators McCain and Flake work to reestablish their relationships with the boots on the ground members of Legislative District 26 Republicans,” Third Vice Chairman Matt Papke commented.
Resolution of Rebuke of United States Senator John McCain
WHEREAS, Senator John McCain unilaterally negotiated with the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to secure Republican votes necessary to pass a number of controversial Presidential nominees.
WHEREAS, President Obama nominated:
– Gina McCarthy for head of the Environmental Protection Agency, an environmental bureaucrat who supports anti-job/consumer policies.

– Richard Corday to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFRB), an unaccountable, unconstitutional agency created by the Dodd-Frank legislation.
– Thomas Perez as Labor Secretary who has a known record for abusing power as Maryland’s Labor Secretary, handing political appointments to Big-Labor bedfellows.
WHEREAS, Senator McCain provided the votes necessary for the confirmation of the above nominees.
WHEREAS, Senator McCain’s “deal” was nothing more than capitulation to the Senate Majority Leader, giving him everything he asked for.
WHEREAS, Senator McCain claims in defense of his actions, that they were taken to prevent the Senate Majority Leader from “going nuclear” and illegally breaking the Senate rules to pass these nominees.
WHEREAS, the position of Legislative District 26 Republicans is that senators should call the Senate Majority Leader’s bluff and force him to get the votes necessary from members of his own party.
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Senator McCain do the following: cease dealing-making and negotiations for Republican votes that undermine the Senate Republican Leader.
FURTHERMORE, the conduct of Senator McCain, is unbecoming a Member of the United State Senate, weakened the Senate Republican Leader, and is hereby strongly rebuked and condemned. Sept 10, 2013

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