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CHUCK KOLB 08/31/2013

US Strike on Syria Imminent - ex NSA Wayne Madsen Report #N3 !!!

Why couldn't NASA recover Comet ISON?

White House Weather Paper for Idiots: (28 page pdf)

7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Alaska’s Aleutian Islands

Skyquakes/Trumpets Sounding Again In Canada
Thank you AD SK for sending me this link. 

Fukushima's Radioactive Ocean Plume to Reach US Waters by 2014
" A radioactive plume of water in the Pacific Ocean from Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant, which was crippled in the
2011 earthquake and tsunami, will likely reach U.S. coastal waters starting in 2014, according to a new study.
The long journey of the radioactive particles could help researchers better understand how the ocean’s currents
circulate around the world. Ocean simulations showed that the plume of radioactive cesium-137 released by the
Fukushima disaster in 2011 could begin flowing into U.S. [...]

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Miley Cyrus: Pedophilia - The Next Frontier 

Illuminati present psychotic degenerate as youth role model.

Obama the devisve racist exposed?

This is the most dangerous time in modern history-intelligence insider update
 by Doug Hagmann

“We’re in the most dangerous time in modern world history and here’s why, here’s what’s happening,”
stated my source deep within the spy world early this morning. [...]

‘Obama games’ and ‘Hunger Games’
 by Dr. Laurie Roth

This week I was watching ‘Hunger Games’  again with my kids and found myself comparing
this run away hit movie of 2012 to the twisted and dangerous world we are living in now. [...]

Fifty Years After His Speech: What Would MLK Say?
by Lloyd Marcus

Yes, Dr King, your memory is correct. Black poverty was on the decline. But in 1965 Democrat president
Lyndon Johnson launched his so-called War on Poverty which destroyed the black family by government
replacing fathers in black households; resulting in black poverty increasing ever since. Did I tell you about the
epidemic of black youths dropping out of school? Considering that high school is free, I do not know why
blacks are not completing high school.......

Restore The Constitution, We Have Learned Its Meaning
by Publius Huldah

Rights come from God, and the purpose of civil governments is to secure the rights God gave us. Accordingly,
WE THE PEOPLE ordained and established the Constitution for the United States of America wherein we created
the federal government. A “federal government” is an alliance of Sovereign States associated together in a “federation”
with a national government to which is delegated supremacy over the States in specifically defined areas only..........

Fear of the Lord
by Betty Freauf

Yes, Christianity is still under attack. Jesus warned us this would happen but do not lament because God is still in control
and although it rarely hits the news about how He handles His critics, one recently dropped into my lap so I thought I would
bring you up to date. On May 26, 2007 I wrote a long gone and forgotten article entitled Every Knee Shall Bow. I occasionally
listened to a Catholic by the name of......

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previously posted
outgoing Big SIS Warning with Rapture Research Report !!!

O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the Lord our maker. For he is our God;
and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand. To day if ye will hear his voice,
Psalm 95:6-7 KJV

US Strike on Syria Imminent
- ex NSA Wayne Madsen Report #N3 !!!

BREAKING: US Strike on Syria Imminent (26:43)
- Wayne Madsen Report #N3 (Preview)

 Published on Aug 30, 2013

The civil war in Syria could be a powder keg bringing the world's largest militaries into conflict.
Reports are emerging from Israeli sources that a US attack is imminent. Are they credible?

America already has to aircraft carriers in the region, ready to strike.

Russia has traditionally been allies with Syria. They have a military base in the country they are certain to protect.
Russian warships and missile cruisers have been moved to the area.

Likewise, China has also long been friends with the Syrian government.

An American attack on Syria could cause militant group Hezbollah to fire rockets into Israel. Hassan Firouzabadi
is the military chief of staff in Iran. He said any "any attack on Syria would burn down Israel." Citizens of Israel
are gathering gas masks, preparing for an attack. Both Syria and Iran seem poised for a cyber-attack on western interests.

Attacks by Hezbollah or Iran could drag Israel into the conflict. This could, in turn, draw other Middle-eastern states into the conflict.

Britain has recently backed away from participating in military action in Syria. This leaves the United States
and France as the lone powers urging a military strike on Damascus.

The lives of thousands of people hinge on if the United States strikes in Syria and how other powers respond.

Wayne Madsen is a journalist, and an former consultant for the National Security Agency.
He is also an author, and publisher of the Wayne Madsen report. He is our guest today.

We ask Wayne about Amir Mizroch, Editor for Israel Hayom ENG, is reporting via twitter that quote
"Israeli defense estbl assessment: US attack starts when UN inspectors leave Syria on Saturday, ends when
Obama meets Putin next Wednesday" and followed up with "Targets: Air defense systems.
Will leave Assad's airspace vulnerable & open to more."

Is this the kind of chatter you are hearing from the defense establishment and is it credible?

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More about WHDT: WHDT

Hashtag: #N3

Breaking - Countdown to Isaiah 17 - Destruction of Damascus - Pray for Syrian People (Preview) (4:15)

Countdown on for US strike on Syria. Kerry: Assad's chemicals killed 1,429 Syrians, 426 children

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Listen and watch closely !
False Flagging Syria w actors


Is Syria a real problem or just the latest phony scandal?

Posted on Saturday, August 31, 2013 10:19:50 AM by Ib Jensen
Slow Down In a rush to start a military strike against Syria, the Nobel Peace prize recipient is being told
to slow down by the UN and European countries. Obama [...]

Syrian military using humans as shields
Prisoners being bused from jails to key missile targets

w vid WW3 UPDATE – Iran Vows Immediate Destruction Of Israel If Syria Attacked

excellent vid Ground Zero - Syria (26:40)
w auto play to all parts
Last year VICE commissioned photographer and videographer Robert King to document the civil war that has been
ravaging Syria for the past two years. Largely based on Aleppo, Robert's footage of the violent conflict that continues
to unfold in the region is perhaps one of the most thorough and brutally honest documents of a war that is increasingly
destabilizing the Middle East as it spills over into neighboring Turkey and Lebanon. This full-length version of Ground Zero:
Syria combines all six parts of our series to offer a startling glimpse into a chaotic war with no clear end in sight.

Watch the seventh part of the Ground Zero - Syria series, "Snipers of Aleppo."

Who Benefits From A War Between The United States And Syria?
by Michael Snyder - Activist Post

Syria, Pipeline Politics, OPEC & the US Dollar

Rebels Admit Responsibility for Chemical Weapons Attack

Chowder Heads Are Leading The Invasion

ATTACK On WALL STREET TO CRASH the dollar. (21:47)

U.S., British release intel reports of Syrian chemical attacks. (Read full texts.)
Nearly 1,500 killed, including 426 children. Now what?

Obama: No open-ended operation against Syria

Gen. Gantz inspects IDF Golan units

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False opposition Mark Dice returns to the InfoWhores fold
by Timothy Fitzpatrick

... After months of a so-called split between the two personalities, 35-year-old Dice (actually Shouldice) has removed all his videos critical of Alex Jones and is now rejoining Jones and his kosher monopolization of the alternative media, along with Zionist gatekeeper Jesse Ventura. [...]

Obama Makes a Tough Call Tougher
Welcome to life in a tough world, made tougher by an unreliable American president. [...]

Obama: Syrian Chemical Weapons Use Threat to US Interests

by Kate Pound Dawson - August 30, 2013
U.S. President Barack Obama said Friday he has not made a final decision on attacking Syria, but made clear he thinks
doing so would be in the interest of national security.
Syria has become a threat to the United States, he said,
"by violating well established international norms against the use of chemical weapons, by further threatening friends and
allies of ours in the region, like Israel, and Turkey and Jordan, and it increases the risk that chemical weapons will be used
in the future, and fall into the hands of terrorists who might use them against us."
Speaking briefly at the White House,
Obama said he has consulted with the U.S. military, members of Congress and U.S. allies, as well as the wider international
He also made clear his frustration with the United Nations' inability to agree on a course of action against Damascus. [...]

Why The NWO Hates Syria

Posted by UFOHUNTERORGUK on August 31, 2013
SyrianGirlpartisan Published on 17 Dec 2012
8 reasons why the NWO hates Syria w vid (9:02)
No Rothschild central bank, NO IMF debt, No Genetically modified food,
Oil and pipelines, Anti-secret societies, Anti-Zionism, Secularism, Nationalism.

Thanks Dwight Kehoe
Obomba will not bomb Syria.

Friday, August 30, 2013 10:19 AM
- Read why in " America is Enemy Beset"

Thanks Nancy and Alexandria Librarian
They just can't wait to start craving up Syria and drooling over Iran.....But wait, what if Barry
doesn't attack Syria? They really need to get the blood and money flowing again.....

Genie Energy (NYSE: GNE, GNEPRA), said today that the government of Israel has awarded its subsidiary,
Genie Israel Oil and Gas, Ltd., an exclusive petroleum exploration license covering 396.5 square kilometers
in the Southern portion of the Golan Heights, and look who at who are on the board: Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch,
and Lord Jacob Rothschild. See: ‘Israel has granted oil exploration rights inside Syria, in the occupied Golan Heights‘
by Craig Murray, Global Research, 21 February 2013 [...]

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Formal Articles of Impeachment for Obama: Michael Connelly – Constitutional Lawyer

Thanks Victoria Baer
Levin, Limbaugh, Hannity Calling for Con-Con
by  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

... Before state legislatures vote for an Article V con-con proposal that could cause real and radical damage to our Constitution,
they should first consider whether a balanced budget amendment is necessary and whether it would actually steer our Republic
away from the fiscal problems we are facing. The fact is that determined citizens and state legislators could rescue the United
States from its financial peril without resorting to opening up the Constitution to tinkering by state-appointed delegates, many
of whom would be bought and paid for by special interests and corporations. [...]

Mark Levin Showed All The Traits of a Scoundrel on His Radio Show Thursday

CDR Charles Kerchner, P.E. (Retired)
Lehigh Valley PA USA

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