Friday, March 15, 2013


March 15, 2013 

CAIR bullying teacher 

Teacher overwhelmed when she learns ACT! for America is rallying to her defense! 

Dear Conservatives,

Mary Janda, a veteran of 21 years of teaching at Concrete Middle School in Concrete, Washington, is under attack by the Washington affiliate of Hamas-connected CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations).

Her “offense?” During a class discussion on bullying, she referred to Hamas and the Taliban as examples of organizations that use violence to “bully people.”

A student in class objected, saying “My father is a Muslim and these statements aren’t true.”

Of course they are.

Hamas is a terrorist organization and the Taliban is who we’re fighting in Afghanistan!

The school district investigated the incident and correctly concluded Ms. Janda did nothing wrong.

But CAIR-Washington jumped into the fray, alleging “racism,” contacting the media, and even demanding a Justice Department civil rights investigation.

The Muslim father didn’t talk to the teacher to get her side of the story. Had he done so he would have known that Ms. Janda made it clear she wasn’t referring to Muslims or Arabs in general.

CAIR-Washington didn’t talk to the teacher, either.

No, CAIR-Washington saw this as an opportunity to further its faulty, cynical narrative that Muslims across America are regular victims of discrimination and civil rights abuses.

CAIR-Washington is now alleging there is a “pattern” of discrimination in the school district, demanding extensive information on curriculum, textbooks, and internal correspondence.

Meanwhile, a veteran teacher with an exemplary record, who stated something that is factual and provable, is under attack—her good name smeared so that CAIR-Washington can advance its political agenda.

When local citizens in Concrete reached out to ACT! for America for our help, we responded. We connected Ms. Janda to pro bono legal counsel. And our chapters and members in Washington have organized a local rally in support of Ms. Janda.

The rally will take place on Tuesday, March 19th, at 7:30 PM, at a local church in Concrete. An email about this rally is going out to all our members in Washington. 

If you would like to send a note of support to Ms. Janda, please email it to us and we’ll make sure she gets it. Please use subject line “Mary Janda.” And if you’re interested in attending the rally, email us and we’ll give you the name of the church.

When people ask us why we spend so much time and money building a grassroots citizen action network, here’s one reason why.

When residents of Concrete reached out for our help, we were there. You can’t do that if all you have is a mailing list.

Your financial support during our Spring Pledge Drive will help us build this citizen action network bigger and stronger.

You can make a safe, secure online contribution HERE.

Or, if you prefer to mail a check, you can print out a reply form HERE.

Mary Janda wept during a meeting of concerned citizens when they all agreed to reach out to ACT! for America for help.

We’re able to provide the infrastructure of citizen support for Ms. Janda thanks to the financial support of people like you.

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