Thursday, February 28, 2013


1. The Historic Collapse – Gritty Questions By Jim Willie

2. Warning: Stocks Likely To Crater From Here – Losses Of Over 50% (!) May Be In Store

3. Martial Law Coming To America: Christopher Greene

4. Bankers Taking Over The World : The Real New World Order

5. Obama Terrorizes Public With Illegal Alien Releases

6. Top DHS Checkpoint Refusals – Video

7. Can You Kill With Drones In The USA? – Rand Paul’s Third Letter To The CIA

8. Biggest Bubble In History About to Pop – US Treasury Bonds

9. Third Time’s the Charm: How Will The Fed Deal With THIS Bubble?

11. Gov’t Economic Policy Cannot Cure A Problem It Caused

12. Illegals Released In AZ Because of Sequester – AZ Sheriff-Greta Video

13. A Day With AZ Rancher: Fences, Illegal Aliens, & One Man’s Watchtower – Videos 1-2 

14. The Architects Of Our Economic Demise

15. Sandy Hook Shooting Newtown Satanism – Video 

16. Sandy Hook & Mind Control – CT Shooting Linked to MK Ultra – Video

17. “We Want To See Evidence” – Sandy Hook Hoax Must See Video

18. Polluted America: GMO Manmade Biological Threats, Plant Diseases, Germ Warfare

19. Isaiah The Prophet Predicts The Fall of Damascus. Could it be Happening Now?


20. Are We There Now? Madison Declared That Concentrated Wealth Would Destroy Our Nation, Unless The Laws Change.

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