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“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860
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American Student Punished for 
Refusing To Recite Mexican Pledge Of Allegiance
Senator Tom Casperson: I Don't Know Where Obama Was Born: Media Not Giving Full Story    VIDEOBELOW:The interview aired on the The Big Show out of Michigan. A radical-leftist group in Michigan... LINK

9th Circuit To Hear Emergency Petition For Default In Obama Identity Fraud Challenge    Ninth Circuit To Hear Emergency Petition For  Default Judgment In Obama Identity Fraud ChallengePrevious reports on the Grinols v Electoral College Obama identity fraud challenge can be...

Congressman Demands White House Records After Fraudulent Gun Control Tweets    Republican rep demands White House  records after 'fraudulent' gun control tweets Fox News Republican Rep. Steve Stockman on Tuesday pressed President Obama and his de facto campaign arm, Organizing...

Court Transcript Doctored: Obama Social Security Number Investigators Formal Complaints   Private Investigator Files Formal Complaint Against Judge Fuhry And His Court Reporter: Official Certified Court Transcript Does Not Reflect Actual HearingBIRTHERREPORT.COMAs reported here private investigator...

Bob Woodward on Obama: 
Madness and Incompetent

 Tea Party Champ, Turned RINO, Rand Paul 
Explains His Vote to Confirm Hagel ...Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Answers
Jim Kouri, CPPBoard MemberNational Association of Chiefs of Police(201)941-5397or
Obama uses sequestration to release illegal alien detainees - National Law Enforcement |    According to a top public-interest watchdog, President Barack Obama is taking advantage of the probable "sequestration" cuts to the federal budget in order to provide a political smokescreen for his releasing of a large number of illegal aliens…  
Comment: This one is WAY to easy.  SOoo, even better he should stay there.
From: Barbara Coe   From: voxpopuli
McCain: Better reception in Mexico than Arizona
Those who know him best, like him least
      “The Los Angeles Times reported that after meeting with Pena Nieto, McCain held a news conference saying they had a “substantive discussion about the immigration policy debate in Washington.” But McCain, who heads the notorious Gang of 8 senators pushing amnesty for illegal aliens in the U.S., remained unspecific regarding details of his talk with the Mexican president on the matter.”>>>>>For more click the link below.
Especially click the last text link in the article “Fantasy and facts blur” in the mind of John McCain.

From: CommieBlaster
WE'RE CHUCKED! Usual Pack of 18 Anti-American GOP RINOs Voted to End Debate on Middle East Foreign Agent, Chuck Hagel's DoD Nomination: McCain, Graham, Ayotte, Chambliss, Sessions, Coburn, Blunt, Cochran, Collins, Corker, Murkowski, Hatch, Johanns, Alexander, Burr, Flake, Shelby, Thune.Four GOP Vote to Allow Obama and Chuck Hagel to Decimate US Military: Rand Paul, Mike Johanns, Richard Shelby, Thad Cochran ...Traitors All ...Special Shame on Rand Paul

Dietitians Using Medicare Reform to Monopolize Hospital Nutrition Services
It won’t help hospital food, already notoriously bad, to outlaw advice from the most qualified nutritionists. Action Alert!

EPA scientists, medical experts fired for opposing water fluoridation
(NaturalNews) Politics, not science, is what continues to drive the water fluoridation agenda today, and it was always the impetus behind the original passage of corrupt water fluoridation guidelines established by the U.S. Environmental Protection...

Your Medical Records Are Part of a $19 Billion Experiment
Fraudulent billing. Identity theft. Greater expense and inefficiency. Loss of privacy. And campaign donations from the companies benefiting most.

Court to Farmers: “You Don’t Have the Right to Fight the USDA!” 
Once again it’s government and industry on one side, and organic farmers on the other. Action Alert!

RINO Christi Supports Obamacare ...What a Sorry Putz

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