Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Dear Patriot,
The liberal media is blasting our positive ads promoting Sheriff Joe.
The Phoenix New Times “newspaper” says our positive ads are “awful” and “horrendous” and compares our campaign to a horror movie.
We’re not offended, however. This left-wing screeching just means our ads are working!
So we need to run more!
We have Joe’s opponents on the run. Our TV ads are working. Now all we need is the cash to run more ads.
We are in the midst of Phase II of our ad campaign. Phase II targets the Phoenix markets where Demographic research indicates there are large percentages of swing voters.

But in order to secure these timeslots, we must come up with the funds to purchase our ads in the next 72 hours.
The total cost for Phase II is estimated at $49,400, but we are $11,826 short of the funds necessary to purchase the airtimes in these crucial markets.
We MUST secure this ad time in order to reach key swing voters. And to secure ad time, we must PURCHASE the ads in advance. The TV stations won’t hold the slot on a promise… We must pay in advance for the airtime.
It really is crazy in Maricopa County right now. Sheriff Joe’s opponents are practicallyout of control.
The media is attacking night and day. Leftist money is pouring in at a record pace.
Liberal agitators even turned out and protested at Joe’s church!
Joe Arpaio is under constant attack.
That’s why these TV are so incredibly important.
They are our #1 way of cutting through the media clutter and reminding the voters just how effective Sheriff Joe is.
And that’s why the media is pulling out all the stops to demonize our campaign and drive our ads off the air.
Well, as you know, Sheriff Joe NEVER backs down. And this campaign will NEVER back down.
We are going to continue to run our television spots as long as we have the money to buy the air time. But we desperately need your help to complete Phase II of this crucial campaign.
Please, please help keep us.
We need to raise $11,826 in the next seventy-two hours.
For America, 

John Philip Sousa IV
National Chairman

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  1. It has been THREE WEEKS since the Sheriff’s press conference, and nothing has happened. NOTHING. Nothing at all.

    No member of Congress (and there are 535 of them) has called for an investigation. Not even Rush Limbaugh wants to discuss it.

    John McCain, who is one of the Senators of Arizona as well as being the former Republican candidate for president, has recently called the Sheriff crazy. The CONSERVATIVE secretary of state of Arizona, who did his own investigation into Obama’s place of birth, has accepted Hawaii’s confirmation that Obama was born there, and he has not changed his mind following Sheriff Joe’s press conference.

    Could the explanation be that the whole world is part of the plot? Or, more likely, is it that they believe the birth certificate, and the officials in Hawaii, and the Index Data, and the birth notices in the Health Bureau Statistics section of the newspapers——and they do not believe the sheriff.