Saturday, March 10, 2012


Submitted by: Donald Hank
Folks, we really don’t need this evidence from the past (see below anyway) that Obama is a racist who wants to favor blacks just because they are black, while harassing whites. But the way he glowingly spoke of, and then hugged, fellow racist Derrick Bell (who once said "I lives to harass white folks") at Harvard, and his exhortation to the crowd to take Derrick's words into their hearts and minds, is solid evidence that he and Bell are ideology mates.
Why we don't need this background?
Because Obama's appointments to his cabinet and czar posts, and the ideology-driven, race-driven policies they have pursued, are a reflection and embodiment of Bell's, and hence, Obama's critical race theory.
The most flagrant example of this racism in practice is the way Obama's DOJ inexplicably dropped the charges against obvious criminal Black Panthers, and has critical race theory (and Jeremiah Wright's Black Liberation Theology) all over it. But to the Left, race is more of a social class than a race, and it is ultimately a class theory.
I had written before ( that this racism follows Mao Zedong's practices of giving special treatment to people who had arisen from the peasant and worker class and of abusing and harassing those who arose from the moneyed and landlord class. I had called it not only racism but also Maoism, based on my definition of Maoism as an ideology not so much as articulated by Mao himself but more as reflected in Mao's actions.
Bell on Bell:
"I lives to harass white folks":
Thomas Sowell talking in 1990 about Obama's former law school prof and Critical Race Theory proponent Derrick Bell:
Soledad O'Brien's "objectivity" and "tolerance" on display:
How unfortunate that District 113 is still pushing Critical Race Theory when they pay for staff and faculty to attend the annual "White Privilege" conference, and push it on teachers through professional development. We have Andrea Johnson, George Fornero, and Christine Saxman to thank for that.

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