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Muslim Brotherhood Threatens Israel
Netanyahu Defiant As Obama Enables
Enemies of Jewish State
UPDATE: The Deputy General Guide of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has publicly denounced Israel as a "criminal enemy" and threatened to cancel the Israel-Egypt peace treaty.
Dr. Rashad Bayoumi of Cairo University was asked in an interview with the Arabic daily al-Hayat, if the government of Egypt is required to recognize Israel. He responded: "This is not an option. Whatever the circumstances, we do not recognize Israel at all. It's an occupying criminal enemy."

Bayoumi said no Muslim Brotherhood member will ever negotiate with Israel or with Israeli representatives: "I will not allow myself to sit down with criminals." He also said the Brotherhood would take legal action toward canceling the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel that was signed in 1979.
The Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty, which notably made Egypt the first Arab state to officially recognize Israel, was executed in Washington, D.C. on the 26th of March 1979, following the 1978 Camp David Accords. These were signed by Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and were witnessed by United States President Jimmy Carter.
The main features of the treaty are the mutual recognition of each state by the other, the cessation of the state of war that had existed since the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, and the complete withdrawal by Israel of its armed forces and civilians from the Sinai Peninsula, captured during the Six-Day War in 1967. Egypt agreed to leave the area demilitarized. The agreement also provided for the free passage of Israeli ships through the Suez Canal, and recognition of the Strait of Tiran, the Gulf of Aqaba and the Taba-Rafah straits as international waterways.
"The Brotherhood respects international conventions, but we will take legal action against the peace treaty with the Zionist entity," according to Bayoumi.
The Muslim Brotherhood won 36.3 percent of the vote in the second round of Egyptian elections, while the ultra-conservative Salafi al-Nour Party received 28.8 percent, according to the Jerusalem Post. Egyptians are voting for a parliament that will help draft a new constitution following the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak's 30-year regime.
Meanwhile the Palestinian Authority is aggressively moving to merge the PLO's Fatah Party and the Muslim terrorist group Hamas into a more cohesive coalition Islamic government, seeking to unilaterally declare Palestinian independence and "statehood." If the overt terrorist militancy and violence of Hamas can be submerged into the PLO's falsely "moderate" public image, Obama will heartily welcome this Palestinian ploy as a means to garner more European acceptance of Palestinian "legitimacy" and to end-run U.S. Congressional actions in defense of Israel.
aswi_netanyahuBenjamin Netanyahu responded forcefully against the trap posed by this latest Palestinian threat in a speech at a conference for Israeli ambassadors: "If Hamas joins the Palestinian government we will not hold negotiations with the Palestinian Authority."
Addressing the so-called "unity government" gambit, Israel's Ha'aretz news service reported that Netanyahu "added that he is ready to meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas anytime, anywhere, in order to renew negotiations."
"The peace process can only advance while maintaining security arrangements, which is becoming more difficult in light of the current situation in the region," Netanyahu continued. One grave consideration is the unremitting Palestinian objective of seizing Jerusalem from Israel for its "national capital."
According to Ha'aretz, "Last week, Abbas met with Hamas leader Khaled Meshal in Cairo and set the ground for Hamas to join the Palestine Liberation Organization. During the discussions, Hamas and Fatah decided to form a unity government by the end of January 2012."
The reality of Israel's position is grim. Unless and until the Palestinians are compelled to renounce terrorism and violence, acknowledge the Jewish state's right to exist, and negotiate true peace directly with Israel, intensifying conflict, even war in the Middle East, becomes more and more likely. Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in recent days have overtly blamed the Jews for the continued Palestinian-Israeli conflict, including Arab Katyusha rocket volleys striking Galilee in northern Israel from southern Lebanon!
The Obama Administration faults Israel for accelerating Arab strife and violence in the region, and demands the Jewish state "reverse the trend of its growing isolation" from its Arab neighbors.
"Blame the victims" is Obama's strategy for de-legitimizing Israel throughout the world. Jewish-American conservatives have taken out a full-page ad in leading newspapers demanding the Obama Administration "stop blaming Israel first."
The ad by the Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI) ran Thursday in The New York Times, Miami Herald and several other papers.
Under the headline "Why does the Obama administration treat Israel like a punching bag?" the ad cites the recent exchange between President Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy complaining about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The ad highlights Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta blaming Israel for "the failure of talks with the Palestinians," citing his call at a recent forum for Israel to "get to the damn table."
The ad also quotes Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who charged Israel with discrimination against women, and U.S. envoy to Belgium Howard Gutman, who has linked the rise of anti-Semitism in the Arab world to the persistent Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
Following the quotes, the ad states: "Enough with the cheap shots. It's time for the Obama Administration to stop blaming Israel first."
Incredibly, Obama had the chutzpah to state with a straight face to prominent Jewish supporters at a New York City fundraiser, "I try not to pat myself too much on the back, but this (my) administration has done more for the security of the state of Israel than any previous administration." As Charles Krauthammer rightly noted, this is not the assessment of the Israeli government – in fact, the opposite is true: Obama has done more to delegitimize and undermine Israel's position in the world than any other U.S. president ever. Obama has done so by making Israeli settlements an issue in peace talks, by making unreasonable and historically revisionist demands upon Israel, by sitting on his hands when the Iranian regime was at its weakest in 2009 because he mistakenly thought he could personally negotiate with Iran, and by erring in a host of other ways.
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta tasked Israel to "reach out and mend fences" with Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and other "security partners" in the Middle East, saying Israel bears principal responsibility for the Jewish state's growing isolation in the volatile region.
In a speech at a Brookings Institution forum, Panetta also pressed Israeli leaders to do more to restart peace talks with the Palestinians, saying rudely – "Just get to the damned table!" He implausibly claimed Obama is determined Iran be prevented from acquiring nuclear weapons, calling Iran "a very grave threat to all of us." Panetta said any Iranian disruption of the free flow of commerce through the Persian Gulf is a "red line" for the U.S., but clearly asserted that the dangerous and destabilizing trigger for the region is the Israeli-Palestinian stalemate and that Israel "must" accede to UN pressure over Palestine.
aswi_misslerangesIsrael's peril at the UN is clear. The admissions committee of the UN Security Council issued its initial report on approval of Palestinian "statehood" with a close, deadlock decision – and the Palestinians greeted the stalemate with threats of bypassing the Security Council process altogether and seeking a rogue General Assembly vote instead.
Mahmoud Abbas has also continued his relentless pursuit of unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state at the United Nations by winning agency membership status in UNESCO, the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), the first UN agency to admit "Palestine" as a full member.
Such ploys – overt violations of UN Resolution 242 and the Oslo Accords – have been threatened in the past, and squelched by firm, swift U.S. diplomatic resolve. Control of the Holy City, Jerusalem, continues to hang in the balance as a main prize sought by the Palestinian "state" and its Israel-hating supporter governments.
In response to UN agencies' support for Palestinian repudiation of long-standing UN resolutions governing the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, the U.S. Congress is taking action, but MUST be emboldened. Long-standing U.S. law to protect Israel is in effect and restricting some UN funding because of the illicit UNESCO vote. And new Republican-drafted legislation making further U.S. funds to the United Nations contingent on far-reaching reforms has received the endorsement of former New York City Mayor Ed Koch – the first prominent Democrat to openly support the bill.
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has authored the UN Transparency, Accountability, and Reform Act (H.R. 2829) which authorizes the U.S. and other member states to fund only those UN activities and agencies they determine are efficient and in the national interest.
The bill has the support of some 141 co-sponsors, all Republican. Congressional Democrats have shunned it, but in a letter sent to Democrat lawmakers, Mayor Koch said it would "strengthen America's ability to lead at the UN in order to advance the interests of our nation and our ally Israel…" The U.S. presently accounts for more than one-fifth of the UN's operating budget.
Koch rightly observed, "The reason the UN is often on the side of the PLO instead of the U.S. and Israel, and on the side of dictatorships instead of democracies, is that there are no consequences for bad behavior."
The simple truth is that Barack Obama has carved out a special, shameful unpopularity for himself as the most anti-Israel president ever – and he is dragging the Democrat party down this road. We need to make sure Congress keeps it in mind – and that "it shows" in their support of Israel during these trying and dangerous days.
Unnegotiated Palestinian "statehood" IS a huge provocation certain to ignite untold violence. Such a "state" concocted by UN fiat would initiate terror attacks in Jerusalem or on other vital Israeli territory, and Israel's enemies would brand her necessary defensive actions "aggression" against a UN member state. Under a "Uniting for Peace" General Assembly Resolution vote, blue-helmeted "peacekeepers" could be deployed to invade Israel's sovereign lands.
In fact, United States troops, under the new-world-order command of the United Nations, could be ordered to invade Israel!
As observed by foreign affairs expert Caroline Glick, Obama is
  • The first U.S. President ever to denounce Jewish property rights in Jerusalem
  • The first U.S. president ever to require Israel to deny Jews property rights in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria as a precondition for peace talks with the Palestinians
  • The first U.S. president ever to adopt the position that Israel must surrender its right to defensible borders in the framework of a peace treaty
  • The first U.S. President ever to make Israeli acceptance of this position to surrender its right to defensible borders a precondition for negotiations
  • The first U.S. president ever to accept Hamas as a legitimate actor in Palestinian politics
  • The first U.S. president ever to make American support for Israel at the UN conditional on Israeli concessions to the Palestinians
Unilaterally defined Palestinian "statehood" is a rogue resolution, operating outside the context of a peace treaty with Israel. Such proposal is an overt violation of prior UN Resolution 242, which requires a negotiated settlement between Israel and Palestinian representatives before any UN action may be considered on a Palestinian state. It explicitly repudiates the Oslo Accords. Yet Obama allows the Palestinians to gather support for this travesty, snickers at calling Netanyahu a liar while posturing as an ally of Israel – and leaves Israel twisting in the wind. Is this any way to treat an ally?
Republicans and Democrats in the House and the Senate MUST unite in defense of Israel! The REAL political conversion for Ed Koch is most telling, resting on one cold, hard fact. As he describes, "I have not recovered from my shock when I learned from a Gallup poll conducted in February 2010 that 48 percent of Democrats supported Israel and 70 percent of Republicans did. Those figures are permanently seared in my mind."
Ed Koch, ex-mayor, life-long Democrat, is a decent man for whom respect for truth and love of America and Israel trump the prevailing vulgar political calculations that are destroying his old party, leading our country to ruin, and imperiling the only democracy in the Middle East as Obama pursues policies that bring the region closer and closer to catastrophic, perhaps even nuclear war.
There is a 52% liberal majority of the Democrat party that no longer stands foursquare with Israel – and under the "leadership" of Obama, the betrayal of Israel is becoming party policy.
Keep Faith,

Alan Keyes

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