Tuesday, January 24, 2012


In yet another example of Washington hypocrisy, U.S. District Judge Rosemary M. Collyer of the D.C. district disregarded the Second Amendment and tossed a lawsuit challenging new reporting requirements for gun dealers – requirements the Obama administration says are needed "to help staunch the flow of powerful rifles to violent Mexican drug gangs."
Folks, this is Washington hypocrisy at its finest.

Instead of focusing on AUTHENTIC issues – i.e. controlling the spending, fixing the economy and letting Americans create jobs! – Obama is pouring tremendous resources into a massive, unpublicized campaign TO GRAB YOUR GUNS. And it is already well underway.
Great Leader Obama and his Big Brother Bureaucracy is using backdoor gun control methods to stealthily disarm every American gun owner. And unless you and I act today, to DEMAND that Congress stand up for OUR Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms, we will lose that freedom along with so many others slowly being decimated by Obama and his leftist minions.
In order to discredit the pro-Second Amendment community and flood the border with illicit guns, the Obama administration has been the weapons provider for violent Mexican drug gangs. Botched gun-running operations like the notorious "Fast & Furious" and "White Gun" programs – where the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives directed gun dealers near the U.S.-Mexico border to sell high-powered weapons to alleged cartel straw-purchasers – were supposed to increase pressure for weapons regulation. Instead, they lost track of nearly 2,000 assault weapons in the process and created the current situation in which weapons that ended up in the hands of Mexico's most violent drug cartels and at murderous crime scenes on both sides of the border. Still, the Obama administration is using its own 'failure' as an excuse to place even more draconian restrictions and reporting requirements on gun dealers along the bloody border, around the country. What callous hypocrisy – and how incredibly dangerous to our Second Amendment Rights!
In July 2010, the feds announced that 8,500 gun dealers in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas MUST alert federal officials to sales of multiple semiautomatic rifles to the same person within five business days – sales which will then be entered into a NATIONAL REGISTRATION OF FIREARMS SALES AND, ULTIMATELY, A FEDERAL DATABASE OF GUN OWNERS.
According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), "Today's ruling will allow ATF to demand whatever information it wants from any law-abiding retailer anywhere in the country for any reason ATF wants simply by sending a letter demanding information."
And make no mistake, Obama WILL issue his broarder gun control plan via "executive order" to bypass Congress using the U.S.-Mexico border violence HIS ATF HAS HELPED CREATE as a convenient excuse. The Obama administration has already cooked the books with its botched gun-running operations, and now the anti-gun lobby is simply waiting on Obama to issue a sweeping national anti-gun edict from the Oval Office.
It could happen any second.
It's an election year – and that is wholly in our favor. No matter the outrageous amounts of money pouring into Barack Obama's re-election campaign from the anti-gun lobby, he will not officially act on his most masive gun-grabbing until the votes are safely in for 2012.
Obama is already setting the stage for his plans to obliterate the Second Amendment, launching an all-out assault on our Right to Bear Arms using every lever of power at his disposal. Only sinister political calculationis keeping Obama relatively quiet on the issue of gun control. But don't be fooled. Obama needs ALL the deceived Americans he can get to vote him back into power. Rest assured, though, if Obama is not defeated in November, you can kiss your lawful, unmolested right to your firearms goodbye.
Why else would the Obama administration knowingly allow Operations "Fast and Furious" and "White Gun" to continue putting high-powered weapons into the hands of known cartel suppliers – oh, that's right – they didn't know! Nobody knew. It just somehow happened. Uh huh.
So far, Congress has blocked Obama's freedom crushing plans. But, by using the "executive order" loop-hole, he can get away with stripping your gun rights without even going to the Congress first.
Unless Congress stays one step ahead and overrides Obama's anti-gun agenda.
The Obama administration continues supplying arms to Mexican drug cartels as part of the broader effort to undermine OUR freedom. The porous border is wide open for the armed cartel killers to cross as they please, bringing their Third World drugs and violence with them – the very justification Obama is using to strip us of our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms.
But don't worry. Big Brother will save you from the mayhem spilling over the border and into our neighborhoods. Just ask Obama.
Then again, the Big Brother enforcement agencies under his command, and Dear Leader Obama, are too busy using backdoor gun control stratagems to stealthily disarm every American gun owner to worry about US defending ourselves.
And unless you and I act today, to DEMAND that Congress stand up for OUR Right to Bear Arms, we will lose that freedom along with so many others slowly being decimated by the Obama administration.
The election is less than ten months away, but with justices like Judge Collyer of the D.C. district willing to support Obama's gun-grabbing agenda, we don't have a second to lose in the fight to defend America's Right to Arms.
Every 20 seconds another financial contribution to take away your gun rights goes to our extremist opponents. For more than two centuries, Americans just like you have bravely fought and died to protect our unalienable rights to liberty, property and security, including those like the Right to Keep and Bear Arms that the Founders wisely specified in the Bill of Rights. You and I owe it to them to see to it that Obama is stopped. Barack Obama MUST NOT with the stroke of the presidential pen, denigrate their sacrifices and destroy our Second Amendment.
For America,
Americans' Right To Arms

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