Thursday, December 8, 2011


By Lee S Gliddon Jr

President Obama (ruefully named) said, "The payroll tax reduction plan before Congress will create more jobs than any pipeline project..."

What was he smoking before he said that?

Look at facts and a little common-sense.

The, 'Payroll Reduction Plan,' has been in effect for a year and has not resulted in any jobs. If any were created you can bet we would have heard about them long before now!  All that has been realized is the lost funds that were to go to Social Security.

Look at the Keystone Pipeline jobs that would be created.

Steel mills for the steel in the pipelines;

Shaping and welders to construct the pipeline;

Trucking to delivers steel to the shaper and welders; then to the constructors;

Workers to prepare the pipeline routes, then to lay the pipeline.

Construction of trucks, semis, forklifts, tires for all:

Clothing for the workers;

Personal vehicles as well as transportation;

Housing, both temporary as well as permanent;

Food, restaurants, cooks, entertainment, personal needs, etc.

The Obama Tax Reduction Plan does nothing where the Pipeline Project created an estimated 20,000 jobs for the pipeline itself and another 400,000 support jobs!

So, I ask, is Obama right or did he lie yet again?.

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