Thursday, December 8, 2011

MUTH'S TRUTHS 12/08/2011


U.S. Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) issued the following statement today regarding his opposition to the nomination of Richard Cordray to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB):

"I support strong and effective consumer protection. As the only member of the Nevada delegation to vote against the Wall Street bailout, I believe that the banking industry must be held accountable for their actions. However, this agency, which was created by Dodd-Frank, does not have the measure of accountability or transparency necessary to make it responsive to Congress or the American people. Instead, it empowers a new Washington czar and bureaucrats with unprecedented power and control over our nation's entrepreneurs and small businesses, the same people we need to hire more workers.

"I and several of my colleagues asked the President to work with Congress to reform this agency and make it accountable to the American people. Unfortunately, the President responded with political grandstanding and more partisan rhetoric. It's past time for the President and the Majority to realize the American people are tired of the bickering. They want solutions, not more political stunts."

Cordray was blocked from confirmation today with Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts being the only Republican to vote with the Democrats to break the filibuster to, as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell put it, "to let the president put another unelected czar in place."


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Assembly Minority Leader Pete Goicoechea (R-Eureka) - who last year trotted out a suggestion that maybe groceries should be taxed to help raise more revenue to grow government - announced yesterday that he will be running for the State Senate seat being vacated next year by term-limited Sen. Dean Rhoads.

Goicoechea racked up a truly embarrassing score of 42% in Citizen Outreach's Ratings of the 2011 Legislature, second worst among Republicans in the Assembly.

In his announcement press release, Goicoechea wrote: "We achieved significant progress last legislative session by passing real reforms that will help Nevada's economy continue to recover."

Really?  Like what?  Because from where most of us are sitting Nevada's economy is doing anything but recovering.  We still lead the nation in unemployment, foreclosures and bankruptcies.  So, um, where's the "significant progress"?

Goicoechea also tossed out this whopper: "During the 2011 Legislative session we were able to prevent Democrats from growing government and implementing $1.2 billion in new taxes on Nevada families and businesses."

Indeed, the Nevada News Bureau reported just two days ago the following: "A report outlining the actions taken by the 2011 Legislature to finalize Nevada's two-year, $6.2 billion general fund operating budget that took effect July 1, including approval of $1.1 billion in additional revenues, has been published by the Legislative Counsel Bureau."

In addition, Goicoechea opted not to mention that the $6.2 billion budget he voted for was some $400 million more than Gov. Sandoval originally proposed at the start of the session, and around a billion more than Sandoval had proposed on the campaign trail in 2010.

So no, Goicoechea didn't prevent Democrats from growing government; he aided and abetted them!

And notice the disingenuous sleight-of-hand by referring to (a) a last-minute Democrat tax proposal that never came up for a vote, so we really don't know if Goicoechea would have opposed it or not, and (b) "new" taxes without mentioning the fact that he voted to extend what was promised in 2009 to be a temporary $620 million tax hike.

Politicians like Pete Goicoechea are fortunate that there are no truth-in-labeling laws that apply to campaign rhetoric.


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Morning Score tells us where the GOP candidates will be on Thursday:

"Romney hosts a fundraiser in Richmond, which Bob McDonnell will stop by. Perry hosts a veteran's press conference onboard the USS Yorktown in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. Then he tours a business in Beaufort, hosts a town hall in Okatie and a dinner in Greenville. Gingrich hosts a forum in Greenville, S.C. Huntsman gives his National Press Club speech. Paul has a town hall in Des Moines and speaks to students in Ames. Santorum attends a house party in Dubuque."

What, no one is campaigning in Nevada?

Morning Score also reports today that "Gingrich leads in three of the first four states." Romney leads in New Hampshire; Gingrich leads in Iowa, South Carolina and.Florida. 

Nevada used to be one of the first four states.  Now it's fifth.  And insignificant.  And ignored.  Hey, but at least we're first in the West, right?


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""Republican Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona. "Believe it or not, there are a number of Republicans here who don't understand the difference between raising tax revenues and raising tax rates." - Arizona Republican Sen. Jon Kyl, 12/8/11

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