Monday, December 5, 2011


Submitted by: Nancy Battle


The saddest thing for me personally in 44 Obama is the reality that he has turned America into an old Soviet joke in his regime is the Kremlin and the puppy press is Pravda.

Not since Al Gore claimed invention of the internet has such a lying scoundrel been propped up by the press in B. Hussein Obama. The reality is you do not matter any more as Obama and his lap dog press simply manufacture propaganda to suit the regime's rose colored dogma.

Reuters can claim that over 400,000 jobs claims were filed on Thursday and by Friday the regime puts out a false number of 8.6 unemployment as 315,000 just gave up looking for work.. It is all lies and the Obama press simply repeats the lies without one bit of self worth. This is Kremlin 1960 and I fully expect soon that Obama will lay claim to founding America in 1492, being a founding pilgrim in 1776 and having walked on the moon in 1970.

You no longer matter Americans, because Obama can say that sick people are no longer sick, because they do not see a doctor due to being turned away, that people who gave up looking for work are employed as they no longer are applying for jobs, that wars are not being waged, because someone else is dying and that Obama is an American with forged documents.

The entire world has been shattered by B. Hussein Obama, and the entire press just keeps putting out the propaganda that all is well, as piles of people die, piles of their assets are wiped out and nations are being rubbed out of sovereign existence.

That all saddens me, because without Truth, there is nothing in this world. There can be nothing built, because lies will shatter the efforts of good people trying to work, build homes, make families and construct futures.
Lies, national lies, shatter all of that as much as if it comes from Berlin in 1935, Moscow in 1950, Tehran in 2000 or Barack Hussein Obama in 2011.

Mr. Obama has effectively coordinated a mass homicide of the Truth. It is so flagrant that it is discounted immediately in the Citizen no longer believes anything coming out of the press at any glance. This is the Red Square and Forbidden City utopia now constructed at West 57th in New York and 1600 Pennin Washington DC.

Barack Obama is the destroyer of dreams, the destroyer of lives, the destroyer of Truth. The reality is he pounds on his chest this peace recipient in murdering bin Laden and Khadaffi and then pictures hisself with Santa Claus murdering the American Dream as Americans no longer matter in not having work to build their own destiny manifested from sea to shining sea.

America is the waters of Obama soiled from his staged Midwest floods to the oil tarred Gulf in his oil rig sabotage. It is dirty oil pipelines and dirty oil pits on aquifers and ponds in Republican lands, all set up by Warren Buffett.

It is all bah Obama, as he as made all Americans into Tiny Tim, taken our lump of coal to keep warm, given our goose to the Mexicans to eat and broken our crutch and told us to use that to fuel our last fire before our homes become our grave.

America under Barack Hussein Obama is not a shining city on a hill, but a grave opened and beckoning to the 300 million dying inhabitants in Obama'sland of the shackled and the home of the slave.

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