Friday, December 16, 2011


Nevada Secretary of State Blames Others, Attacks Critics for Flawed Election Regulations

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(Las Vegas, NV; December 16, 2011) - In the wake of widespread disapproval of his proposed amendments to election regulations, Democrat Secretary of State Ross Miller has responded to criticism of flaws in these amendments by blaming others and attacking critics in a press releaseissued by his office. 

It is ironic that the Secretary of State would criticize people who chose to express their opinions at his office’s workshop on these amendments. This is a form of political expression equally as important as voting and one that is expressly protected by both the United States and Nevada Constitutions. 

In an era when many in his party embrace taking up long-term residence in public places, harassing individuals and disrupting commerce as legitimate forms of political expression, it is disheartening to hear Secretary of State Miller condemn those who gather to express their views on a vital issue at a public forum his office scheduled for precisely that purpose. 

In the release the Secretary addresses some of the questions raised by blaming others for clerical errors and misinterpretations. Some issues he completely ignores – such as allowing inactive voters, those whom the Election Department has been informed are no longer at their registered address and has been unable to contact, to vote as if they were active.  This change allows anyone to show up claiming to be an inactive voter and vote without the current requirement of “oral or written affirmation before an election board officer attesting to his or her new address.”

It is in all of our interests as Nevadans to protect the right of our citizens to vote. Protection of that right includes the right to not have  their vote “canceled” by others casting fraudulent ballots. 

Many people have legitimate concerns that Secretary of State Miller’s proposed amendments do not properly protect this right. To dismiss the airing of these concerns as “political grandstanding” and attack those who air them does a disservice to all Nevadans.

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