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Open-borders DOJ versus America, part 2

Fellow Patriot,

Nearly a year and a half ago, Border Security Patriot Michelle Malkin published the column “Open-borders DOJ vs. America.” At the time, the Obama administration had just officially unveiled its lawsuit against Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law known as SB 1070– a law emulated by states across the nation likewise trying to crack down on illegal immigration and reclaim prosperity and security for American citizens.
America, we were warned about the agenda of open-borders extremists working in the guise of compassion and diversity and how the feds will not stop with Arizona – we were warned that they will attack all local, county, or state governments that dare to address the invasion of illegal immigrants.  This is nothing new and we’re pretty sure it isn’t news to you as a Minuteman.

So, why are we bringing up this nearly two-years-old article?
Because in it, Malkin concisely details the career of the head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez – the one and the same person who just brought the wrath of the entire federal government down upon America’s toughest Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, and the state of Arizona as a whole. Even more importantly, she hones in on exactly what it means for the future of our fight against illegal immigration and how big the battle really is.
Perez is a far left lawyer – the son of immigrants from the Dominican Reublic. He is an activist who worked for the late mass illegal alien champ Ted Kennedy and served in the Clinton administration DOJ.

He is also a Casa de Maryland volunteer – a notoriously vile illegal immigrant advocacy group funded with tax dollars and radical leftwing philanthropy (ahem George Soros’s Open Society Institute and a cool $1 million donation from CITGO, Hugo Chavez’s regime-owned oil company).

Because of his dedication as a Casa de Maryland volunteer, he soon rose to president of the group’s board of directors where he enhanced “multicultural” experience by championing illegal immigrant benefits ranging from in-state tuition discounts courtesy of your tax dollars to driver’s licenses. He hasheaded the group’s opposition to the enforcement of deportation orders, has protested post-9/11 coordination of criminal databases, and even produced a “know your rights” propaganda pamphlet depicting armed federal immigration agents making babies cry.

During his Obama DOJ confirmation hearing in 2009 (yes, Obama has been working for mass Amnesty since Day 1), Perez stated that “the Civil Rights Division must not act in contravention to valid enforcement actions of our federal immigration laws.” But that’s exactly what the DOJ is doing under his leadership and under the leadership of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.
Under Perez’s leadership, Casa de Maryland even threatened to protest at the schools of American children whose parents were Minutemen (Yes, the schools of YOUR children). Perez even negotiated with likeminded members of the Montgomery Maryland school board to reward “junior” amnesty protestors with school credits for traveling with Casa de Maryland to march on Washington.

Obama’s “legal eagles,” as Malkin calls them, have for three years been invoking the Founding Fathers and catchphrases like human rights and racism as excuses to attack whenever patriot-states like Arizona  try to save themselves from the invasion of and occupation by illegal immigrants. For three years, Obama’s open-border team has been working to destroy everything we have worked for as concerned American citizens. The DOJ’s open-borders agenda and its influence on their finding Sheriff Joe guilty of violating the civil rights of illegal immigrants AND in attacking every patriot-state trying to uphold existing federal immigration law cannot stand. With his final year in office, we cannot let Obama complete his plot to destroy America and turn everything we love about this country into a thing of the past.
In the DOJ's report, Perez singles out Arpaio for his successful crackdown on illegal immigration in the busiest human- and drug-trafficking corridor along the U.S.-Mexico border saying “Arpaio’s own actions have helped nurture [Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office’s] culture of bias." This is Sheriff Joe’s thanks for dedicating his efforts and the efforts of his patriotic officers to enforcing federal immigration law – efforts that should be protected and empowered by the Department of Justice. Instead, the efforts made by Sheriff Joe and our fellow Patriots  to protect America are distorted and attacked by the highest levels of “justice” corrupted by its own open-borders culture of bias cheered on and backed by the Obama administration.

We were warned of Obama’s open-borders agenda, and we failed to take action.  Major media outlets are not covering this story, yet. And we don’t know if any are brave enough to face the wrath from Washington for blowing the lid on their corruption of the American justice system.

But, as Minutemen and as American Patriots, WE are not afraid to stand up for America and feel the fury of the current FÜHRER-in-Chief.  We MUST deconstruct the open-borders DOJ from the top-down in order to defeat Obama's plot to make our jobs, our neighborhoods, and life as we know it a free for the taking by 12 million illegal immigrants currently in the U.S. and those yet to cross the border.
Patriots, we beg of you - do not let this e-mail go to waste in your inbox.

Please, if you care at all about the future of border security, and the illegal immigration crisis threatening the very existence of America as we know it, forward this e-mail to every likeminded family member or friend in your address book.

For America,

Minuteman PAC

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