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Progress Now Nevada is absolutely a bunch of touchy-feely, tax-the-rich liberals.  But when they're right, they're right...and they're dead-on right in counter-protesting this despicable group of low-life reprobates hiding behind a church name.  Please join them if you possibly can on Tuesday.  We can get back to fighting with Progress Now Nevada on Wednesday!

- Chuck Muth, president, Citizen Outreach

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Dear Chuck,
With respect to The Walking Dead, there’s nothing scarier this Halloween than the Westboro Baptist Church coming to Las Vegas to spew their twisted worldview at innocent Nevada students.
Next Tuesday, they’ll commemorate Days of the Dead by cheering the recent deaths at the Reno Air Races and the Carson City IHOP shooting.
The church and its websites, GodHatesFags and GodHatesAmerica, makes a living spreading anti-gay hatred outside of high-profile funerals. They keep coming back. It’s apparently easier to dispatch zombies than this hate speech.
The Undead may be smarter, though. A Westboro church member recently tweeted a planned protest at Steve Jobs’ funeral from her iPhone.
But that doesn’t mean they should get a free ride. On Tuesday, the church’s website says it will protest outside at UNLV and at Clark High School because “God sent the shooter to the IHOP in Carson City to murder five National Guard rebels” and because “children are taught that God is a liar.”
westboro baptist protest
So we want to show them what we really learn about in Nevada -- community and faith and liberty and justice for all.  
Stand up to these extremists! Make a sign or just come as you are.
Join us in celebrating equality for all and standing up to those who hate so passionately.
Yours in progress,
Erin Neff
Executive Director
ProgressNow Nevada

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