Thursday, October 27, 2011


Submitted by: Nancy Battle

Call your State Senator and Rep. about this ...they are trying to pass this hideous 'NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE PACT' (NPV) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These crooks will STOP AT NOTHING !!!!!!!!!
: ALERT: The states are sneaking in legislation that will eliminate the Electoral College...we have nothing to say about this

The only way that this should ever be authorized is when we place into the law that every voter must place their thumbprint onto the ballot.  This way, no voter will ever vote twice.  Anyone wishing to vote by absentee must go to a precinct where there thumbprint can be affixed to the voting form.  No voting is to be done outside a precinct.  For members of the military serving overseas or aboard ship, the captain of the ship and commander of the unit will provide a voting precinct for submission of the vote to the state where the individual is claiming home of record.

Without the use of the thumbprint, no vote is to be counted.  This will eliminate dead, incarcerated, and illegal aliens.  It will also provide additional security for the nation.

No person other than a recognized citizen with a SSN and thumbprint on record will be permitted to vote unless they have no thumbs.  In this instance, the retina will be used.  If they have not retina or thumb to use, then we will use the large toe on the foot.  If none of these are available, they will not be permitted to vote as they will be considered a child of the nation that cannot fend for themselves and so do not have a need to vote.

Tim Burkett

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