Tuesday, September 6, 2011


It's Time To Get Angry
by Lee S Gliddon Jr

I am about as angry as a human being can be and am tired of sitting back and taking it!

The 'so-called' President of the United States of America is either the most stupid person alive or getting away with destroying this country, on purpose,with the support of his Liberal backers.

We hear the head of Unions call Tea Party members, "sons of bitches,' as he seeks to justify his position with lie after lie. Then Bob Bekel, a FOX News Liberal puppet, asserts that Conservatives are the offspring of men who married their sisters! The man is disgusting and being paid to express such hogwash. I am angry that these types are allowed to spout their garbage for people to hear that have no idea as to what is being advocated; violence between U.S. Citizens!

Then we are told that our 'so-called' President intends to unveil his 'new' jobs plan. That 'plan' amounts to another call for Stimulus spending and, no matter how he says his words, will accomplish but one goal, the further bankrupting of this nation. His intent is to create Union jobs; however temporary.

Every time I hear Obama claim, "I see millions of Green Energy jobs that will be created," I think of all the Stimulus money wasted giving billions to firms who lined their pockets and laughed at the stupidity of their benefactors; the America taxpayers!l

As this occurs we see Obama's appointed Attorney General getting away with criminal acts that call for jailing! He oversaw the release of the Black Panther members that were witnessed attempting to scare people away from voting places and now openly defies Congress in their attempts to get to the bottom of an operation, Fast and Furious, that Obama himself denies but funded in the 'so-called' Health Care Plan. Both Obama's as well as Holder's denial of knowledge of 'Fast and Furious' must be reason for concern. This must not be allowed to happen in our government.

We hear Liberal members of Congress as they name citizens, "terrorists, racists, as well as other vile and atrocious names," simply because they, the Tea Party and concerned Conservatives, want to reduce the National Debt and regain jobs lost due to Obama;s acts.

We fear Liberals as they repeat age old lies respecting Illegal Aliens doing jobs our citizens refuse! Now one mislead Liberal, goes so far as to name Construction jobs as among those that are refused by U.S. citizens.Illegal Aliens are costing the U.S. billions annually and the Liberals applaud that as they are expecting to get their votes; however illegal!

I am angry over these things but even more angry at the 'jobs killing' regulations ordered by Obama as well as by the EPA naming regulations that have little or no impact on the environment. Look at common-sense. The eruption of a volcano in Iceland spewed more pollutants into the atmosphere that all industries manufacturing goods could release in 6 years!

We have Liberals like Al Gore running around screaming about climate warming as he pockets billions for his warped views.

We have people in Congress that could not find a job elsewhere, that is unless they found a 'Liberal sucker,' to hire them for doing something no one needs to have done!

We are being governed by people that have never held jobs,who never created jobs, and who have lived their entire lives 'taking' from the system!

Yes, I am angry...very angry, but at age 71 I must rely on some younger Conservative to get things back to some semblance of sanity. That person must be one that destroys the Liberal though of our wanting to live in the past. To a Liberal, adherence to the U.S. Constitution is to be reviled!

Someone please, act now!  

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