Friday, July 8, 2011


Obama's Newest Lie
by Lee S Gliddon Jr

Obama's new lie is, "As soon as businesses see the Debt Ceiling raised the sooner they will start hiring."

Pure and unadulterated B.S.!

Obama's intended increase in taxation and regulations are the cause of the unemployment in America. Then to those business horrors ad in the EPA enforcement of outlandish regulations and you see the PURPOSEFUL actions that are causing continued unemployment!

If we raise the Debt Ceiling Obama will continue spending without restraint! He will issue one of those PHONY Presidential Decrees and spend away!


  1. Where were you people when Bush was spending us into this debt. Where were you! You conservatives you are more like bigots. Have you been living under a rock. Bush - lied about a costly wars, and then medicare part D, deregulation, tax breaks jobs outsourced! where were you people then! You have no choice but to raise the damn debt ceiling! What is your combined IQ 2?

  2. No wonder you chose Anonymous as your name! To compare Bush to Obama is like comparing a Beauty Queen to a Jackass. MEDICARE part D was PROMISED by Democrats fot 12 years! Bush did it! Before you think you should really do a bit of research and get facts. Obama IS DESTROYING the Middle Class and laughing as he leads America down the road to TOTALITARIANISM with people who refuse to face facts as his supporters! Pastor Lee