Friday, July 8, 2011


The pressures of life are turning us from coal into diamonds.
Harry Reid, (D-NV) -  co-sponsored a bill S 679 - this anti-constitutional piece of legislation puts the final nail into the coffin: the death of the United States of America. That bill passed on June 29, 2011.
This anti-Constitutional bill permits Obama to by -pass the required legislative bodies on government appointments.  Harry Reid has committed TREASON.
BH Obama is bullying the citizens of the United States of America. He wants the debt ceiling raised and he wants to keep right on spending. He has threatened to cut off Social Security payments.
Economist Dean Baker says the much-publicized fears about Social Security are nothing more than political posturing. "While you can sound really smart in Washington by saying that Social Security is going bankrupt, the facts say the opposite." Baker writes in the Des Moines Register.
"According to the Social Security trustees' report, if we did absolutely nothing the program could pay every penny of scheduled benefits through the year 2036."
Read more: Economist Dean Baker, Social Security 'Problem" Doesn't Exist.
Another interesting thing about BH Obama, Nancy Pelosi knew that BH Obama was not eligable to be on the 2008 ballot, yet this woman signed that she had vetted BH Obama.
The July POST & EMAIL has published a letter that Nancy Pelosi wrote on April 1, 2009. In that letter Nancy Pelosi claims: Barrack H. Obama is a naturally born United States citizen: she, also acknowledges Barrack H  Obamas Kenyan citizenship.
 How stupid does this woman think the citizens of the United States of America are?
Nancy Pelosi is guilty of the biggest scam pulled in the history of the United States of America. Harry Reid endorsed BH Obama before the 2008 election: these two people are guilty of fraud.
The former Chair of White House Council of Economic Advisers Christina Romer, on April 12, 2011, admitted that Obama and his gang of elected government elite, managed to create a "growth-less recovery."
Now Harry Reid is sponsoring a new piece of legislation, S 1323 - it is his answer to the national deficit problems. S 1323 places higher taxes on the rich. The text states: "It is the sense of the Senate that any agreement to reduce the budget deficit should require that those earning $1 million or more per year make a more meaningful contribution to the deficit reduction effort."
Harry Reid has lead this "spending more taxing more spree."
Another piece of legislation that the citizens must be aware of: H.R. 973: This is a simple short bill designed to protect Americans from being forced under laws which we did not enact, but were enacted by foreign powers or foreign peoples. The motivation for this bill is primarily that the sponsors do not want judges to use Shariah law, but, this bill would apply to any foreign law which judges might use to subvert the Constitution or the will of the people of the United States. We are a sovereign nation.
Part of the bill reads:
"In any court created by or under article III of the Constitution of the United States, no judge, or other judicial official shall decide any issue in a case before that court in whole or in part on the authority of foreign law, except to the extent the Constitituion or an Act of Congress requires the consideration of that foreign law. . ."
However, it is still in the Subcommittee of the U. S. Constitution and has been since Marth 9th - ALMOST 4 MONTHS AGO! This bill is too important to stay in a Committee for that long.
The Constitution of the United States gives the citizens of the United States of America the answer to our problem. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMOVE THEM FROM OFFICE. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMOVE BH OBAMA FROM OFFICE.
To those that say, we will vote BH Obama out in 2012: there will not be a United States of America if we wait until 2012!
Citizens for Constitutional Governance will be holding a meeting, thursday, August 25, 2011, at 6:30 PM, in Mesquite, Nevada, in the old UncleBucks store. Plan on attending this very important meeting.
                                                          THE DUMPSTERS MORNING DUMP
                                                    OBAMA'S DESTRUCTIVE PATH - little tboca
Does anyone have any idea why we're fighting in Libya or why the UN is dragging its feet and pretty much not participating at all? Why did Obama tell us that this war would be a few days or few weeks?
This is the fourth month that the Americans are paying billions out of pocket to fight a war that isn't our business.
How can Obama hide behind the War Power Resolution when 87 Republicans and 61 Democrats voted to end all of American's involvement in a non-sensical game that NATO has once again used us as the guineaupigs.
Obama maliciously and without concern for our Military and all Americans placed us in harm's way. This is the same position he has taken by purposely allowing the "FAST and FURIOUS" gun runner project.
We lost Brian Terry (a Border Agent) due to the Fast and Furious program and we will lose more of our people because 100's of weapons have walked across our border to the drug cartels in Mexico.
Obama is the one in 2009 who signed executive orders directing our CIA to close Guantanamo prison down within a year in order to try terrorist on our turf.
Obama signed orders in early 2009 to send funding to overseas family planning organizations that perform abortions and offer abortion counseling. This pretty much tells you why he's not interested in stopping Planned Parenthood in our USA . 58% of Americans opposed this overseas bill!
This is the person in December 2009 signed an executive order to re-establish collaboration between Government and Union leaders: this was a deliberate move to put more power into the hands of the Federal Unions.
Hilda Solis (US Labor Secretary) announced March, 2011 that Obama Administration supports the Unions who are fighting Scott Walker (Wis. Governmor) budget proposals.
She referred to the Unions in Wisconsin as brothers and sisters under assaut. How stupid does Obama and his Administration think we are:  we all know he's attached at the hip with the top Union officials and probably sifting money to them to support their many lawsuits.
There are 80 plus executive orders, just put "Current list of  BH Obama's Executive Orders" and you will basically see he was a very busy person creating advisory boards, panels, committees that further enhance his "redistribution" agenda.
I have a short two and a half years, one man with the able assistance of the Liberal News Media has ruthlessly attacked our freedoms, our economy, our Constitution and our lives. MSNBC, CNN, Media Matters, CBS, NPR, NYT have all contributed to the destruction of our beautiful Country.
This person who has cloned himself as a "God" remains MIA when it comes to leading our Nation, solving our recession and restoring our Constitution. His allegiance isn't to the United States of America, but to the Unions, terrorists, Muslim Brotherhood and 3rd war countries.
It's your call America, take back your Country, regain your voice and restore our Nation or sit complacently like we've done for years and let the corrupt and evil destroy America the Beautiful.
May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca


  1. THE FACT THAT 911 WAS A FALSE FLAG OPERATION,TO LOOT OUR TREASURY,SERVE US UP TO ISRAEL,& KEEP US SURVEILLED AS THEY DO IT,IS ESSENTIAL FOR UNDERSTANDING THE GRAVITY OF THE SITUATION AT HAND..OUR NATION IS IN GREAT PERIL ! Your patriotism is needed,but first one need understand the depth of the deceptions you have been treasonously tricked into accepting as factual.Colonel Robert Bowman (Previous head of the "STAR WARS PROGRAM"),Ray Mc Govern (27 year,White House CIA analyst,"Millitary Officers for 911 TRUTH",Proffessor David Ray Griffin,General Stubblebine (Head of SOCOM,on 911.The #1 man in the world,for intelligence on 911.),are excelent sources of what realy happened on 911 (Censored information).

  2. I just posted a comment.It disappeared,when I submitted it.I will take a photo to see if that stops the perpetrators from deleting this post.THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO HAVE ACCESS TO MY DAMNING INFO !

  3. David, Your comment seems to lean towards 9/11 being an 'inside job,' and that is both foolish and inane. Just how many would have been on thwe 'inside?' In this time there is no one that can keep anything a secret! By the way, your comment 'disappeared' to be moderated. Get used to that on most any site! Pastor Lee