Tuesday, July 19, 2011


t's time to own this economy Mr. President. The stimulus didn't work. The debt is crushing us. You may have inherited a recession, but the actions you've taken have made it far worse. Own it.


  1. Lets see. It was conservatives who deregulated the financial sector, most severely since the Neo Conservative revolution in Politics at the end of the 1970s and early 1980s. It was a conservative who launched and argued for the most ineffective war fought in American history. It was conservatives who cut government income so that the nation could barely function. It was conservatives who allowed corporations to move their operations to third world nations thereby further eroding the financial foundation of the nation.

    I don't see what the democrats (or anyone else) could do after all that. It would be surprising if it was NOT a mess.

    Republicans should go on trial for the damage they've done. Thousands of them and their supporters should be sitting on death row.

  2. Hah, you censor comments. Just another cowardly conservative.

  3. To take the position you have reflects on your cognizance of past events. What war was ineffective? If you refer to Iraq then you are truly the child of discombobulation. What income was cut? Again, inanity. Corporations moved due to the facts that TAXES, raised by the Left, made it more attractive to go overseas. Regulations imposed by the EPA continue to chase out employers!Look at GE, Boston Med...both are FIRING in America as they HIRE in China! Obama is seeking to chase out all with TAXATION and OVER regulation!
    Before you comment, get your facts in order! Too boot, I posted a video two days ago showing Barney Frank's denial of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac problems in 2001 AFTER Bush warned him...Look at it and place blame where it belongs! Pastor Lee