Sunday, July 10, 2011


Reid Wants to Continue "KICK THE CAN"

By Lee S Gliddon Jr

Harry Reid said, "MEDICARE and Social Security are off the table," as he referred the Debt Ceiling talks.

Does anyone wonder why?

Consider these Liberal concepts: Obamacare is funded by $500 million in MEDICARE cuts. As if that is not bad enough States would be required to pay MEDICAID for anyone requiring health care as a part of Obamacare.

In taking Social Security, 'off the table,' Reid hopes to, 'kick the can." further down the road as he hopes to gain votes by standing up for the Seniors. These are the same seniors who have been denied COLA for two years as Reid and his Congressional cohorts gave themselves raises as well as additional budget money to 'run' their own offices.

What all this means is that Reid wants America to believe that the Republicans are the 'bad guys' for wanting to reduce MEDICARE and change Social Security.

We seniors, and due to the fact I am 70 years old I include myself, are paying our premiums for MEDICARE only to see our coverage reduced as health care rationing, as a part of Obamacare, takes place.  Obama can deny all he wants and Reid can swear to his lie, but the fact remains, it exists!

Social Security was paid for be me and those seniors who were assessed all of our working years. The Illegal Aliens tapping into our Social Security funds are, in Reid's eyes, VOTERS!

Put MEDICARE back on the table and Social Security too. Stop the lies, and stop 'kicking the can' down the road.

As one last thought, by increasing MEDICAID costs to the states. it is Obama and Reid's hope to gain Federal Control over state's matters. That is the ultimate goal of any TOTALITARIAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT!


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