Sunday, July 10, 2011


Dear Patriot,
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There is a Congressional special election being held in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and the Democrats are frightened that they might lose this election! This seat is in the heart of Democrat territory and has been held by a Democrat for decades, but with only a few days to go, Republican Craig Huey is ready to pull off a stunning victory! He has already defeated a heavily favored Democrat in California’s open primary system and now he is on the verge of pulling off the impossible.
I was forwarded an e-mail from a conservative activist who received an e-mail from Barack Obama's "Organizing for America" asking her to help turn out Democrats in this race. This can only mean one thing:  they are scared! Democrats have set their sights on taking back the House of Representatives in 2012, and if they lose a seat in the darkest recesses of Democrat politics, then they know they are in real trouble!
Between now and Tuesday, we are trying to activate every volunteer we can to help make phone calls on behalf of Craig Huey. Every vote on behalf of Huey will count in this race, and if we can win this race, we will set back Democrat ambitions for 2012!
Please take some time today to visit to make some phone calls! (If prompted for a password, enter A8C60F2B)If everyone who gets this e-mail calls 40 people, we will contact every vote we need to turn out in order to push Craig across the finish line! 
We will continue to spend money in support of Craig Huey right up to election day on Tuesday.  You can help us win critical votes and recruit fellow volunteers by making a generous contribution 
Bryan Shroyer
Executive Director, Western Representation PAC

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