Thursday, July 21, 2011


Submitted by: Donald Hank
Dr. Ron Polland's book is not to be confused with the book by Dr. Corsi. The thrust of his work is different and should be examined separately. It focuses in large part on the first putative birth certificate introduced by Daily Kos in 2008.
I recommend it even for those who have seen the Corsi treatise -- or maybe especially for them -- as the focus and viewpoints are apparently quite different and the book offers new insights and information that will shock you.
Dr. Polland has put an enormous amount of time and energy into this work. I can attest to this because I corresponded with him for over a year prior to its completion and he was hard at it the whole time. His emails reveal an enormous depth of study and analysis. It is my understanding that he reveals details no one has revealed heretofore.
This book is one of the main keys to understanding what he rightfully calls "the greatest identity fraud in history," a fraud that should be leading to criminal charges for the numerous actors identified.
Don Hank


by Ron Polland, Ph.D., ©2011
(Atlanta: July 21, 2011)

Dr. Ron Polland, Ph.D, has just finished a new e-Book, Alias Barack Obama: The Greatest Identity Fraud in History that covers his three-year investigation into the life and background of Barack Hussein Obama, and the mystery of his online birth certificate. During the course of his ground-breaking investigation, Dr. Polland collected massive amounts of evidence that reveal a wide network of collaborators working together to put an imposter into the White House in fulfillment of a Marxist agenda to fundamentally transform America.

What began as a simple study of the online image posted on June 12, 2008 by the Daily Kos blog and the Obama Campaign had mushroomed into a full-blown research project consuming more than 4,000 man-hours of work into what was nothing less than a well-orchestrated conspiracy to subvert the Constitution and the free election process. The maxim, "One thing leads to another," is the best way to describe how Dr. Polland used his 30+ years of doctoral-level research skills to follow the trails wherever they led him.
More than any one factor, the online image purported to be Obama's Certification of Live Birth (COLB) is the key that links the collaborators together. As the days turned to months, and the months turned to years, the COLB was the one constant for which so many people and organizations had engaged in illegal activities to suppress the truth about Barack Obama. For Dr. Polland, the issue with Obama was not his eligibility, but his identity and his treachery in lying about his legal name, his biography, his education, his accomplishments, his associations, his religious ideology, and his place of birth.
Moreover, the ways in which he and his collaborators enlisted the so-called Free Press into doing his bidding, in promulgating a forgery and a fictitious identity, in promoting a false Messiah and defending a traitor-in-hiding is as reprehensible as it is unforgivable. This conspiracy makes Watergate seem like Sesame Street .
Alias Barack Obama, Vol. 1: A lie is born is an interactive PDF filled with detailed graphics and embedded videos and is readable on all PCs, Macs, and Android phones. In the next few weeks, EPUB versions will be available for the Nook, Kobi, and Ipad, and MOBI for Amazon Kindle and MobiPocket Readers

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