Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Pro-Life watchdog LifeNews just revealed important data uncovered in their investigation of White House visitor logs. It appears that Planned Parenthood and specifically PP President Cecile Richards has had unprecedented access to the White House. Visitor logs show that Richards was present at the White House nearly every time Congress was deciding on an abortion-related matter – including Obama's first day in office, the White House "Health Care Summit" and even the day of former Congressman Bart Stupak's now infamous ObamaCare Abortion Vote betrayal.
Over the last two years, Richards has publicly bragged(via the social networking site Twitter) about her easy on-demand access to White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, First Lady Michelle Obama, Executive Director of the White House Council on Women and Girls Tina Tchen, former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn, and yes – even the President himself.
Just this week, Obama met with Richards over a cozy and uber-expensive dinner with a handful of Texas-based abortion mill supporters in an effort to raise money for his 2012 Presidential run.
With "friends" like these, is it any wonder Planned Parenthood feels comfortable enough to demand abortion quotas from their member clinics, while they flagrantly violate state and federal laws protecting minor girls from predatory older men AND they keep on raking in YOUR tax dollars to subsidize their sick and twisted agenda?
Former Planned Parenthood Director Abbey Johnson came forward this week to tell the truth about the infamous Abbey Johnson"women's services" clinics. In a videotaped release, Johnson explains that she initially joined Planned Parenthood in order to help disadvantaged women gain access to medical services. What she discovered after 8 years with the group is Planned Parenthood is not interested in women's health — their sole purpose, according to Johnson, is the very profitable business of murdering babies.
Johnson says Planned Parenthood's primary profit center is indeed abortion. Protecting this "profit center" is so important to the group that Planned Parenthood clinics are judged on the number of abortions they provide. If a clinic provides too few abortions, the national board will step in and insist local Directors increase their daily number of abortions. Johnson left the organization when she realized that 98% of all Planned Parenthood services for pregnant women are abortions. She could no longer deny the fact that abortion, not women's health, is Planned Parenthood's only goal.
Congress is negotiating on the close-out 2011 budget and the 2012/2013 budget right now. Will it include abortion funding? The Federal government gave Planned Parenthood over $360 million dollars last year. Planned Parenthood and other government funded abortion providers are working overtime to ensure Congress continues funding their deadly agenda. Lobbyists are flocking to Washington by the droves to bend politicians' ears with the lie that America supports the radical "choice" of child killing and wants government funded abortions. We MUST speak up NOW to counter these false claims.
Please take the enclosed abortion survey. We will be delivering the results to Washington in an effort to offset the big money abortion lobbyists pressing for YOUR taxpayer funding. You can even choose to fax your completed survey directly to Congress.
Congress needs to hear the true will of the people today — We are a pro-life nation!
Keep Faith,

Ambassador Alan Keyes
Chairman, Faith and Freedom Foundation

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