Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Poll: Floridians support AZ-style immigration crackdown

The Florida Senate is ready to debate its immigration measure which is more moderate and less likely to draw a constitutional challenge than the House bill, which is ready for a vote. Why are lawmakers pushing such controversial legislation?

In addition to shelling out $4.5 billion annually in costs related to illegal immigration and no longer being able to afford, the Florida legislature is spurred on by a new poll shows that the majority of Floridians support an AZ-style immigration crackdown.

A new poll by Suffolk University shows that the majority of Floridians support AZ-style immigration legislation by 52 percent, while 33 percent oppose the measure. White and Republicans are the strongest supports with black voters opposing the anti-illegal immigration measures by more than two to one, making them one of the strongest cents of opposition. Hispanics and Democrats also oppose the measure. Independent voters support the measure by about the same margins as the population as a whole.

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