Friday, May 27, 2011


The Heartbeat Bill (Sub. House Bill 125) passed in committee--by one vote. And because we have a majority of the House supporting the bill, it should pass on the floor. Please help us move this from the committee through the House!

"Science has already given us a yardstick to determine if someone is alive--abeating heart. We just want to see that measurement applied evenly. This bill calls for an end to discrimination and the protection of every human being with a beating heart--no matter their age!"

— Lynn Wachtmann, Ohio State Representative and New Chair of the House Health Committee 

Ask your State Representative to urge the Speaker of the House to schedule a floor vote on the Heartbeat Bill next week. (Click here to find your State Representative's phone number.) 

Even if you've called your Representative before...even if your Representative is highly pro-life...please make one more call. This is time-sensitive! More info at:  


  1. Excuse me "conservative Patriot", but are you aware that the heart is the first organ to develope in the body and at the earliest, can develope in 18 days? Whether abortion is legal or not it will still occur. 68,000 women die each year in dangerous back alley abortions, in 33 countries where abortion isn't legal. If abortion is to be considered murder, then why isn't disposal of unused fertilization eggs, used in vitro fertilization also murder? If you don't approve of abortion, then don't have one. It's as simple as that. Vote no on the heart beat bill. -written by a 13 yr. old

  2. An unborn child has no one to speak out for him/her. You seem to think that citing false statistics support your position. They DO NOT!
    Life begins at conception and the heartbeat weeks later. The major cause of pregnancy is RECREATIONAL SEX and both the female and the male have been advised of the ramifications of partaking in extramarital sex.
    You may think me, and like minded people, as priggish but it is you that must educate yourself! We were all children once and grew up with the same desires and temptations. It was difficult then and no more difficult now../Murder was murder then and it is murder now! So, rant as you like but facts are facts. MILLIONS are being aborted annually and that is fact. It is also a sin and America has blood on its hands and that must change!
    Pastor Lee