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Election season is already approaching and MAF Freedom PAC, the nation’s leading pro-troop PAC, has been examining the candidate in races across the nations. We are dedicated to supporting candidates that will always put the well being of our soldiers first, but we first need your help!Donate now and help support pro-troop candidates across the nation.

In 2010 we supported many pro-troop candidates like Ret. Lt. Colonel Allen West, who now represents Florida’s 22nd congressional district in the U.S. Congress. Ret. Lt. Col. Allen West is, like all of our troops, a hero.  When asked if he regretted any of his actions in the military, West responded, “If it’s about the lives of my soldiers at stakes, I’d go through hell with a gasoline can.”

It is people like Col. West that we need in Washington advocating on behalf of our troops. Very few people can really understand what sacrifices our troops make on a daily basis in order to protect our freedoms.  We need politicians that will also make sacrifices to insure our troops are properly taken care of. Help MAF PAC support more military heroes like Rep. Allen West.

Here are a few races we are monitoring because these candidates show a proven commitment to the troops. 

In 2000, terrorists carried out a suicide-bombing of the USS Cole while at port in Yemen, killing 17 American sailors and injuring 34 others. The Commander of the USS Cole was Kirk Lippold, and after retiring from the US Navy, Kirk began speaking out in support of our troops and the war on terror, knowing firsthand the dangers posed by the radical Islamists.

Ret. Commander Kirk Lippold is now running for a U.S. Congressional seat in Nevada and possesses many of the qualifications we look for in a candidate. Though not all pro-troop advocates must serve in the military, Commander Lippold brings an impressive resume, including time as the Commanding Officer of the USS Cole.

Ohio State TreasurerJosh Mandel is running for one of Ohio’s U.S. Senate seats. Mandel has served as a U.S Marine Corps Intelligence Officer completing two tours in Anbar Province,Iraq. He has held a number of elected offices, but has shown to never lose his strong sense of duty to country. We are excited to see how Mandel’s campaign matures as we continue to look for deserving candidates.

Help up prepare for the upcoming election! Donate now and support pro-military candidates across the country!

Washington is rarely known for its generosity for our troops. More often than not politicians are making concessions that break the backs of our troops. With thousands of soldiers still tirelessly fighting Al Qaeda extremists we must show unified support for their objective at home. Our politicians must be the leaders that we elect them to be and make the necessary sacrifices and protect our troops.

Move America Forward PAC is committed to helping elect strong pro-troop candidates across the nation. Though your ongoing support has been unwavering, it is important to help us act now and support these candidates. Donate now and together let’s help our soldiers fighting overseas by electing candidates that will stand strong for our troops!

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