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When you read this don't burst out laughing as I did. I ask, 'if Calderon cannot govern what he has now who would expect him to deal with more land! I can only presume we would watch the creation of the world's largest ghetto!'  Pastor Lee

Mexico Demands Pre-1848 Border with U.S.
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5/21/2011 8:48 AM Coyle - On the heels of Barack Obama's speech on immigration reform last week, Mexican President Felipe Calderon made clear that acceptance by Mexico of any proposed solution to the immigration problem will require the United States to accept the pre-1848 border between the two countries.

Speaking in Mexico City, President Calderon declared that “negotiations can not begin unless America is willing to withdraw to the boundaries established before the Mexican War. Until then, we will not cooperate, and there will be no peace.”

However, the United States has been unwilling to concede the territory that would include California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah. Defense analysts in America have claimed that this land is strategically important to the United States and is necessary to ensure its own security against Mexican aggression.

Arizona governor Jan Brewer argued that the approximately 11 million illegal immigrants now residing in the United States are coordinating attacks on her state. “It is a truly insidious plan they have,” she thundered in an interview in Phoenix. “These economic terrorists are flooding the state and taking all the great jobs like cleaning hotel rooms, tarring roofs and cooking Big Macs. Clearly, they are attempting to bankrupt the country one minimum-wage job at a time. Who do these people think they are, trying to improve their lives like that?”

Mexico has been very angry at the treatment of its refugees in the disputed territories, claiming that they have been subject to arbitrary questioning and detention. However, their biggest complaint has been with the continued construction of American settlements in the Southwest Bank. They have claimed that the United States is attempting to complete a fait accompli, flooding the territory with its own citizens to ensure continued American possession.

“Entire generations have been suffering under the yoke of American oppression for too long,” said President Calderon later in the same speech. “If the Mexican people are going to suffer, it should be because of me.”

Foreign policy experts do not expect a quick resolution to this standoff. However, they are certain that relations will only worsen if President Obama follows through with his plan to build a moat filled with alligators along the border.

“It is an absolutely absurd idea,” argued CNN analyst Fareed Zakaria on his television program last Sunday. “Everyone knows that crocodiles would be more effective in that environment.”
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