Wednesday, May 4, 2011


AL Senate Passes AZ-Style Immigration Bill
The Alabama Senate has passed an Arizona-style immigration bill in an attempt to lower Alabama’s 9.2 percent unemployment rate.  The bill passed the Senate 26-6 and now must be reconciled with the House version that passed in early April.

The Senate bill allows police to detain people suspected of being undocumented immigrants and established new penalties for business that knowingly hire illegal workers.  It requires police to verify a person’s immigration status if the person is unable to produce appropriate documentation. It does not allow motorists to be stopped at random or racially profiled despite some of the critics attacks on this piece of legislation.

The bill also includes portions of immigration laws passed by Arizona, Oklahoma, and Missouri, although it is not as strict as anti-Amnesty advocates would like.  One sticking point is that the Senate bill only requires E-Verify for businesses doing work for the state government or receiving state grants. However, it is designed to withstand court tests and every lawsuit thrown at it.

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