Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Unions & Democrats Want Thousands Fired
Governor prefers to save jobs
In a cynical attempt to bleed even more from the Nevada taxpayers and job creators, the union bosses and their Democrat water carriers in Carson City are willing to lay off thousands of government workers. 

That's right. Every government employee or department head who has testified in Carson City over the last couple of weeks, telling stories of the utter destruction that will be caused to the lives of those that will lose their jobs, has been part of a cynical ploy developed by Senator Horsford and his team designed to pit one class of Nevadan against another.  Every Democrat Senator and public employee knows full well that there is really no need for any of them to lose their jobs.  They know that they could renegotiate their contracts to bring their wages in line with the private sector workforce, and, thereby, save every single job!  The problem is they will not do this because it would deprive them of a very powerful, albeit deceptive, bargaining tool.

Union bosses are selling fear. They make their members fear management.  They make management fear their members.  They make public officials fear voters.  They make voters fear...that without more taxes peoples lives will be destroyed.  If they simply tell the truth, if they admit that not a single job would be lost if they were willing to accept reasonable compensation decreases, like the private sector already has, then they lose.  Everyone else wins, but union bosses lose.
So the lies continue, and the game goes on.  Job creators are told that they are cruel and heartless, thousands of public employees fear for their jobs, John Oceguera tells worn out lie after worn out lie, and Nevada loses...again.

Keystone asks you to contact your representatives in the Nevada Legislature, and tell them that you understand the game that is being played.  We ask that you call the Governor and Republican state Senators and Assembly members who have chosen to fight this nonsense, and let them know you appreciate them.  They are fighting the good fight to save jobs and they need your support.

Keystone Corporation  

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