Friday, April 22, 2011


Submitted by: Donald Hank
See the report on the Rove interview below.
What a WIMPY interview!
Why didn't Hannity ask Rove a few questions like:
"Have you seen the BC? I am not referring, of course, to the certificate of live birth."
"Why, in your opinion, is Obama spending such extravagant sums to keep his BC under wraps and trotting out a certificate of live birth that is not a BC?"
"Why do you think the Kenyan government has said Obama was born in Kenya and why did Obama's aunt say she attended his birth in Kenya?"
"Why do you say Obama is a US citizen? Do you call everyone a US citizen who claims to be one?"
"Why do you say Trump is paranoid and obsessive?"
"Aren't you afraid your words will come back to haunt you once Trump once he is elected to the highest office in the land?"
I have been tuning Hannity out for years. Can't stand the squeaky-voiced little chump. I have also just heard enough of Rove! Time to throw the bum OUT! Neither one is an American.
Don Hank
Debbie Warren Comments: DITTO...  Rove has bugged me for a long time.  He is a loser and a parrot for the people who conned us into this hairy dog mess.  He is part of the problem and has been.  He's and idiot and I'm glad Trump called him out.  He's a bum and has, like others, been trading on his past accomplishments or associations and lost all credibility with me long before now.
Hannity is also a supreme disappointment.  He wasted his success and his access to a large audience.  While I agree with him on many issues; he is a wimp and a coward and either co-opted or too scared.  I saw a show a couple of years ago and up until then, he had been pretty vocal; all of a sudden he looked nervous and whatever he blurted out about Obama seemed to scare him and his eyes darted from the camera like he was going to get struck by something.  It was a flash, but I caught it.  I started losing respect at that instant.
None of these fools have the stones to ask the real questions.  They all dance around the crux and then try to take credit for talking about the fringe issues.  No substance where they need to be focused.  No journalists ethics...  Even the ones I like or used to like seem to trail off and stop short.
Debbie Warren

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